Friday, 25 May 2012

s&s at Victoria Baths Zine Convention

Victoria Baths Zine Convention (Manchester, UK) 19th May, 2012.

Brilliant building, brilliant event, brilliant people.

The exhibition, 'Posters Of Inspirational European Women: Taken From The Zine, Shape & Situate' was displayed at the Victoria Baths Zine Convention, Manchester, UK on Saturday.
The posters from issues 1 to 3 of Shape & Situate zine were exhibited for the first time all together, all 80 or so of them!

Huge thanks to all the artists for your amazing work. The posters, the exhibition, and the zines were all REALLY well received on the day, and there was a lot of interest in them. Your work is amazing, thank you!

Thanks too to all the amazing people who came to say 'hi' on the day. It was so great to see so many friends and familiar faces. I love zine events for that; the chance to catch up with people across the country by attending events like this is brilliant. Really great to see so many amazing stallholders again too (noteably Footprint, Black Dogs, Sugar Paper, Twigs & Apples, and Karoline Rerrie).

The Victoria Baths is such a wonderful venue, it was a treat to be in there exhibiting and exploring.
Thanks so much to Natalie for organising the day - it was a credit to you.

Thanks so much too to Amy for getting up at stupid o'clock with me to drive over and put the posters up before the doors opened. And thanks to Rose for being ace all day long.

Such a treat of a day, thanks to everyone there for making it so great.

The last copies of issue 2 of the zine that I had have now sold out following the event. If you're still wanting a copy, check the links on the right of this blog for places that may still have issues in stock.

Some photos from the event:

(p.s. Natalie interviewed me about the project, and it can be read online here:


eye-melt said...

That looks fantastic- what a beautiful venue. So glad it went well!

Colouring Outside The Lines said...

Hi John, when I exhibited the posters at Ante in Shipley a fortnight-or-so before this there was so much interest in your poster in particular. I gave people links to your website/blogs, I hope they found you! x