Friday, 27 July 2012

this is an emergency print portfolio tumblr

Meredith Stern has created a blog for the This Is An Emergency Print Portfolio, where the posters can be viewed, and further information/testimonials can be read. The portfolio is amazing, and the project is such an important one.

Meredith writes: This is an Emergency! is a print portfolio project centered on reproductive rights and gender justice.
This project is a collaboration of over two dozen voices. These are people who have experienced gender and reproductive injustice and were moved to dream together. Stories, images and multigenerational interviews combine here to give a range of perspectives on how our lives are impacted by our ability (or lack there of) to experience equality. There is no way an endeavor of this nature could be comprehensive; instead it’s meant to be a small glimpse of some of the complex emotions, ideas and perspectives of people dealing with these issues. I hope this project will inspire dialog and communication. The intent is that it be used along with other organizing efforts to shift culture and provide historical perspectives about how these issues impact our lives in the early 21st century.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

S&S#4 - yikes!

Quick heads-up: Pretty soon I'm going to start work on inviting people to be a part of issue #4 of 'Shape & Situate: Posters Of Inspirational European Women' zine.

If you're from anywhere in Europe & want to be kept in the loop about contributions and submissions to the zine and I don't already have your details, drop me a line.

spill the zines always say such lovely things

Cath Elms has given Shape & Situate #3 a nice little review on the June 2012 Spill The Zines vlog review:

Thank you!

Spill The Zines is an online UK zine review space: