Saturday, 30 April 2011

FWSA looking for cover illustrations

from my inbox...

Email for more details

The Feminist and Women's Studies Association (UK & Ireland) is pleased to announce a new initiative in search for original and exciting cover illustrations for its biannual newsletter. We encourage artists, photographers and illustrators to submit a piece of their work for consideration as a cover image. Images should be – in the broadest possible sense – inspired by or relatable to the topics of women, gender and/or feminism. Artists whose work is selected for our newsletter cover will receive a feature in the form of an interview and/or prose piece in the same issue as well as a free copy of the newsletter. Please see below and attached for detailed submission guidelines and a submission form.

The FWSA Newsletter is a biannual publication with a readership of nearly 300 national and international subscribers from a wide range of disciplines and interest areas related to women, gender and feminism. In addition, the newsletter is distributed at a variety of conferences and locations relevant to FWSA’s remit. The newsletter is published in January and July.

Submission Requirements

Submissions can be made throughout the year, but must fulfil the following requirements. If you have any questions about the scheme, please email For more information about the FWSA please visit

1. Work submitted must be accompanied by the entry form available at

2. Images must be the original work of the artist(s) submitting the entry.

3. Image must not have been published or be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

4. Any one artist or team of collaborating artists may submit no more than two images in any one calendar year.

5. Images must be suitable (in size and quality) for publication on an A4 cover page.

6. Submissions must be made in electronic format as a pdf file.

7. Artist(s) submitting images must be available and agree to provide information on themselves and their work for a feature in the FWSA newsletter if their work is accepted.

8. Images must be inspired by or relatable to the topics of feminist, women’s and/or gender studies. We suggest artists who are considering a submission request a free electronic copy of a previous newsletter from the FWSA administrator ( in order to get a better idea of the FWSA’s remit and the newsletter’s focus.

9. Acceptance and rejection of images is entirely at the digression of the FWSA Newsletter editor.

10. Images accepted will be used for the next possible issue (be this the next or a later one).

11. The FWSA reserves the right to distribute newsletter issues for publicity purposes as its committee members see fit.

Katya Salmi

Feminist and Women's Studies Association (UK & Ireland)

Monday, 25 April 2011

great anarchists zine event

Peter Willis is hosting an event to re-launch his zine, 'Great Anarchists' on 27 April at Sauna, Great Hoxton St, London, 6-9pm.

At the event, to mark the 4th pressing of the zine, Pete will be exhibiting drawings from the zine and has made a new video about anarchism made from youtube videos. Pete will also be selling copies of the zine as well as other related zines.

The Great Anarchists flier blurb reads:

A collection of anarchist portraiture, incendiary quotations and new video work exploring the relevance and history of anarchist thought and practice.

Peter Willis' zine Great Anarchists has sold over 350 copies to date and this launch marks it's 4th print run. Collecting 20 portraits and quotes from theoretically and historically important anarchists, it was described by Maximum Rocknroll as 'drawn with a weirdo's hand'

Friday, 15 April 2011

!women art revolution

There's a post online HERE featuring all the upcoming North American screenings of Lynn Hershman's amazing looking film, !Women Art Revolution which I'm itching to see, so fingers crossed it heads over the pond for UK screenings pronto!
There's an interview with Lynn Hershman about the documentary here:

For over forty years, Director Lynn Hershman Leeson has collected hundreds of hours of interviews with visionary artists, historians, curators and critics who shaped the beliefs and values of the Feminist Art Movement and reveal previously undocumented strategies used to politicize female artists and integrate women into art structures.
!W.A.R. features Miranda July, The Guerilla Girls, Yvonne Rainer, Judy Chicago, Marina Abramovic, Yoko Ono, Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger, B. Ruby Rich, Ingrid Sischy, Carolee Schneemann, Miriam Schapiro, Marcia Tucker and countless other groundbreaking figures.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

open call for new books from feminist writers on feminist art

From my inbox (via nparadoxa)... (I wish I wasn't feeling this poorly, otherwise I'd be jumping on this... fingers crossed I get the hell better soon enough to engage properly with this)

Open Call for writers on feminist art: KT press books

Open Call for new books from feminist writers on feminist art

KT press, publishers of n.paradoxa, are planning a new book series on feminist art theory and the work of contemporary women artists (visual arts only, post-1970) – for late 2011 into 2012. This new series could be characterised as a return to the 18th century tradition of pamphleteering – with a modern digital twist and an ISBN!

It is intended that each book in the series will be an e-book, sold and circulated at low cost as PDFs, from KT press’ website. Each book will contain around 40 pages of text and images. The first series will contain 5-10 books.

KT press holds the view that feminism in relation to the visual arts is a contentious subject but it is also an open question about the relationship between art, aesthetics and politics which needs to be debated, especially with regard to the work of women artists. Authors must specify which feminist ideas they are engaging with and where their views of feminism originate. New perspectives and a critical consideration of the legacy of feminism will be valued in selecting this series.

The aim of the series is to publish books containing:-

a) collected conference papers or panel discussions on or about feminist art

b) translations of writings about feminist art from any language into English for the first time (with commentaries).

c) discussions of a single woman artist’s work by one or several authors including documentation of their projects (where no monograph exists)

d) collected writings / performance scripts / art notes by a woman artist on art and her practice (Poems will not be considered).

e) new polemics about feminist-art-theory and feminist art criticism arising from a single author or a discussion between feminists.

f) essays engaging in future thinking about feminism in the visual arts or written as new manifestos for the future.

g) extended discussions of curation or exhibitions as forms of feminist reading or praxis or essays written bringing together works to form virtual exhibitions “of our wishes”.

Ideas developed from theses (MA to PhD) will be considered but authors are asked not to send the thesis itself, only a summary of the key arguments and a description of the subject. Women who have not published a book before are encouraged to apply, if they are prepared to develop their ideas in co-operation with the publisher.

Ideas based in post-structuralist approaches to language, psychoanalysis and social critique of art and politics, cyberfeminist thinking, exploring new art forms, feminist post-colonial critiques, feminisms of the North and South/ East and West, approaches to global diasporas in contemporary art, issue-based political thinking about questions of social justice in relation to contemporary art are all welcome.

KT press operates as a not-for-profit company. Fees to authors will be paid as a royalty on copies sold. Potential authors should write to Katy Deepwell at KT press, sending an outline of their idea for an e-book.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

callout for bike workshop space in leeds

Repost on behalf of Hannah (yes, I know I don't ride a bike, but it doesn't mean I don't care!):


Hi friends, strangers, bike riders and space holders.

This is an urgent callout for a NEW SPACE from which to run The Pedallers Arms, Leeds' very own DIY bike co-op.


We are a co-operative of volunteer bike mechanics who help the people of Leeds to fix up their own bikes. We provide tools, books, time and space (until now) to enable them to do this. We have been running popular twice-weekly drop in sessions since October 2010, with an ever increasing membership. You can read more about us, including more on our aims and equal opportunities policy, on our website:


For reasons that are beyond our control, The Common Place is due to close on the 1st May 2011. This means that Pedallers needs a NEW SPACE. We have some ideas as to what this could be like and are hoping you might be able to help. We would really like it to be somewhere that could be ours, although we are definitely up for the possibilities of sharing with other groups (or bands, artists?) providing our needs and hours were compatible. We can pay but not loads.

Can you help? This is what we need:


- 55m^2 (600 sq ft) working space

- 10m^3 (650 cubic feet) for storage

- Access to a toilet and sink

- Light

- Reasonably central location

- Lockable


- Enough space for a social area

- High enough ceilings to suspend bikes, frames etc above head height.

- City centre location


You can read more about why The Common Place is closing on the website:

The Common Place has been an invaluable space to us and countless other groups and individuals over the years, come and say goodbye on the weekend of the 22nd/23rd.


Do you know somewhere that might suit us? You can get in touch at Or please forward this email to anyone or any other lists that you think might know somewhere.

Many many thanks in advance

The Pedallers Arms

Friday, 1 April 2011

distractions from reality

For the main part I don't write personal stuff on this blog as it's not what it's here for, but sometimes I can't help myself from sitting in a silent rage about some of the nastyness I see in the 'community' that I am supposedly part of, one in which gossip and exclusion and segregation occurs that makes others feel like they can't even be a part of anything at all any more, or indeed even feel like they can leave the house somedays.

I shouldn't let it get me down the way it does. So in the dead of night on days when I feel like this I sit and watch music videos that feature stuffed toy animals and try to pretend that I'm fine and that everything's OK and that one day me and others will be 'allowed' back in the club, for what it's worth.

Here's some of those videos: