Thursday, 21 November 2013

S&S #5

Shape & Situate: Posters Of Inspirational European Women #5.
In a nutshell, Shape & Situate is a zine of posters made by artists and DIY creative folk from within Europe, each poster highlighting the (often hidden) history and lives of radical inspirational women and collectives from Europe.
The zine aims to activate feminist cultural memory, inspire, and to visually bring women’s social and political history to life and into view.
This issue features 23 black and white posters of women who have acted as organisers, activists, agitators, pioneers, educators, or role models, from a wide range of disciplines including: art, space, music, emergency services, education, literature, ecology and environmental issues, astronomy, radio, NGOs, and beyond.
The zine is over 32 pages long, and contains a list of further reading and links to other people's history and social change projects.
Posters vary in style and technique, including ones made by illustration, photography, letter-press, and block printing.
The zine will first be on sale on 1st December at Queer Zine Fest London. Come and say hi if you're around on that day.
From there I'll then be selling them online, and am looking to get them stocked on as many international distros, in as many neat stores, and in as many international zine libraries and archives as possible so that these histories can work their way into people's hands. Send me a note if you can help with this.
A list of all distributors will appear on the right hand side of this blog.
Enormous thanks to all the following contributors and poster makers for your amazing work telling such important life stories: Hazel Smoczynska, Amber Roguski, Julia Downes, Sophie Brown, Peter Driver, Kathleen Teadrinker, Benedict Rutherford, Jo Harrison, Anne-Marie Atkinson, Zelly Restorick, Ada Scarrott, Steph Fletcher, Jay Bernard, Clare Brown, Cherry Styles, Erica Smith, Lindsay Draws and Lady Stardust, Nina Nijsten, Jenny Howe, SJ Bradley, Rachael House, Ian Pepper, and Dr Charlotte Cooper.

graphic details

From my inbox...

Excitingly, Space Station Sixty Five have announced the following exhibition happening in 2014...

Graphic Details

The internationally touring Graphic Details will be coming to SS65 in 2014.
An exhibition of confessional comics by Jewish women featuring work from Vanessa Davis (USA), Sarah Lightman (UK), Diane Noomin (USA), Corinne Pearlman (UK), Trina Robbins ( USA ), Ariel Schrag (USA) and many more.
For more information about the artists see:

I've been lucky enough to interview some of these ladies, over the years, as part of Colouring Outside The Lines zine. Very excited to hear that this exhibition is coming to SS65 next year!!

Mesoamérica Resiste

Mesoamérica Resiste, the long-awaited final graphic in an epic trilogy about globalization in the Americas, by The Beehive.

Such an incredible project, and an *amazing * poster.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Passage & Place

From my inbox. Lex & Annah are amazing...

Call for submissions:

The concept of Home is often defined by one's relationship to place- one's connection to, or displacement from, a geographical or structural location. In thinking about diaspora, a person's Home may be a place they have never physically been- it may be less of a physical place and more of a conceptual one. When considering chosen and forced im/emigration, incarceration, or territories occupied by military force, one's concept of Home may not simply be defined by a single static place...
- or by place at all. In the context of queer identities, many of us who have chosen to disengage, or have been disowned from our families of origin, define Home through our interpersonal relationships to chosen family and community.

Some of us may associate particular people in our lives with a sense of Home. For some of us, Home may be laden in the sight of an object, a smell, a sound, a phrase. One's concept of Home may be best conjured up by the act of movement, the practice of tradition, or the retelling of significant events.

What is it that signifies Home to you? Consider drafting a letter to that place/person/object/etc.

Imagine being able to communicate with Home directly-- what would you say? What is your relationship to each other at this point in time? Has it changed? If so, in what ways? What lies in the space between you and Home?

This is a call for letters written, and visual art created from You to Home. A collection of these letters and images will be bound and printed into an anthology released in conjunction with the National Queer Arts Festival, 2014.

Final deadline to submit work is 5pm on March 1st, 2014.

**PLEASE FORWARD this call**


Passage & Place
PO Box 22469
Oakland CA 94609

Selected letters and visual art will be displayed during the PASSAGE & PLACE exhibition in June 2014.

Contributors selected for print will receive a copy of the printed anthology.

* * *

PASSAGE & PLACE aims to connect conversations of localized displacement and gentrification to more expansive conversations around immigration, imprisonment, community building across intersections, mental health and spirit, and the ways in which queerness interfaces with these. How do our individual and collective bodies affect and politicize the spaces around them, and how do the spaces around us affect and politicize our individual and collective bodies? How are notions of movement/displacement and freedom/confinement constructed, informed by, critiqued, and deconstructed by our individual and collective identities? In what ways do the coping mechanisms of trauma and dissociation transform into intentional acts of strengthening?

PASSAGE & PLACE asks its participants and audience to connect their own experience to a broader narrative about the impacts of movement and place-making in physical, liminal, and metaphorical space in three parts: an art exhibition, a panel discussion of participating artists, and a printed anthology of visual and written works.The printed project will incorporate works of art sourced via an open call for contributions, a curated collection of essays, and letters from both free-world artists/writers and queer prisoners.

PASSAGE & PLACE is curated and coordinated by
Annah Anti-Palindrome and Lex Non Scripta.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

torrey pines

Clyde from Your Heart Breaks is making a stop-motion animation film about Mental Health and Queer youth, and it looks like it's going to be so amazing that I could burst.

There's (naturally!) a Kickstarter for it which has all the information:

Monday, 11 November 2013


From my inbox...

"We're now taking submissions for the next issue of the Chapess zine! The (loose) theme is women and work - have attached a call for submissions below but this is merely a starting point --- we are looking for submissions from women from as many different generations/backgrounds (not even necessarily within the arts, this just seemed like an appropriate place to start) so please send this on to ANYONE you think might be interested. We're looking for as many different views and experiences as possible, all submissions will be considered.

As always, can be sent as a word doc or a jpeg/scan. Anything from a few lines/quote to an essay, a mixture of words and images, interview etc.
Deadline is the 31st December!
Cherry and Zara
(you can buy the last 2 issues here"

comics are my rock and roll - documentary

Last few hours to donate to the Kickstarter for the Alternative Press-related documentary film about self-publishing in the UK...


Ring Of Fire is an amazing zine. The issues I read all those years back kinda blew my mind. Here's a fundraiser for the upcoming Anthology:

QZFL 2013


AEM in the UK this month

First Sarah Schulman came to the UK to speak and show work (and I missed her), and now Anne Elizabeth Moore is coming to the UK to do the same (and I'm going to miss her too). What a month (and what a heap of missing-out on seeing some of my favourite brain-crushes this month)!! Gutted.

AEM will be speaking about The Ladydrawers' year-long, in-depth series of comics journalism reports on gender and labor concerns throughout the international garment trade, and will be speaking at:  Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, on November 27 and Victoria and Albert Museum, London, on November 29. Details here.

katy horan exhibition

Katy Horan has an art show up in Austin, TX for one more week. Gutted not to see it, especially given the company she's sharing the exhibition with... Katy's showing her newest work in a three artist show at Grayduck Gallery. The show features work by Katy alongside, Kentucky artist, Kathleen Lolley and Brooklyn artist, Stephanie Chambers.

You can see the entire exhibition here. WOAH!!

Check out the following link for the most mind-meldingly amazing art piece by Katy. I adore her...

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Shape & Situate zine #5 - first glimpse!

I picked the batch of Shape & Situate: Posters Of Inspirational European Women #5 zines up from the printers the other day!! Exciting!

Another amazing set of posters were submitted for this issue (pics of some of the posters coming soon!) created by a wonderful set of very talented people who I'm grateful to for making this such a great issue with such important histories told within its pages.

For now (since the zine still needs a bit of finishing off before it'll be for sale), I thought I'd show some of the behind-the-scenes making of the cover of this issue...

Lino-cutting the front cover:


Zines riso-printed by Footprint:

Adding lino-printed finishing touches with purple ink:

A batch of zines waiting for the ink to dry: 

Only 150 -or so- left for me to print!!

I'm now in a pink-and-purple daze, and perhaps shouldn't have been printing on a cream carpet!

I'm not a lino printing expert by any means (this is my first attempt at lino-cutting, and the '5' I designed is perhaps a bit too intricate for my skill-base!), but I'm pretty pleased with how these have turned out; apologies in advance if anybody gets a smudged one!

The zine will be ready to launch at Queer Zine Fest London on December 1st, and will be on sale more generally after that (contributors, expect your copy as soon as the ink has dried on the full batch!)

More news and pics soon.