Saturday, 25 January 2014

CSPG video

"I keep learning from the posters. Every week some poster will teach me something I didn't know; which is incredibly exciting"

As ever, this acts as a reminder of one of my dream volunteering placements. The CSPG is to damn inspiring. It's seeing stuff like this that reminds me and lets me know in big flaming letters that I'm in entirely the wrong job, and why I'm so frustrated by the work that's available to me, cuz there's so much amazing stuff going on that I wish was a bit closer to home for me to be involved with, stuff that I actually give a shit about. Bah.

Watch the video and the inspiration here:

This interview is also great:

'on women in art'

Can't put my finger on why this irked me big time (kinda a feeling of , 'oh, this again', plus the title of the article rubbed me up the wrong way, plus it still ignores SO DAMN MUCH and ignores all intersectionality, etc, etc, etc), but nevertheless, good that this conversation is going on in the mainstream (Guardian/famous lady presenting it, etc) as an intro

Friday, 10 January 2014

modern times bookstore needs help

Modern Times is amazing, and really needs help to be saved from closure. It's been many years since I was last there (at their old premises), but it holds a special place in my heart.

Join the campaing/donate here:

Modern Times is:

A San Francisco literary treasure, Modern Times Bookstore is preparing to step into a new era of progressive politics and radical activism. For over forty years (more than 32 of which we've spent in the vibrant Mission District), Modern Times has served San Francisco's progressive community. It is one of the oldest collectively run bookstores in the country, and has long been an important meeting spot for activists, book lovers, Mission locals, and visitors from the world over.
For many decades, Modern Times was a fixture on Valencia Street, but over the past five years, rent in that area has increased so drastically that Modern Times was long forced to operate at a loss. Two years ago, when Modern Times's lease ended, rent was hiked so steeply that the doors could not stay open. Modern Times was forced to move to another part of the Mission on 24th Street. Grappling with the immense financial hardships of relocating into a smaller venue with less foot traffic, Modern Times has been accruing debt and has continued operating at a loss.
Modern Times is an amazing and important resource for the city, and if it closes, not only is a bookstore lost, but so is a part of the community, and a piece of San Francisco's heritage. That's why Modern Times is now launching a campaign to pay down the debt and bolster the future of the store. With your support, Modern Times can realize a vision of sustainability and really make its location on 24th Street into a home.