Saturday, 28 December 2013


Hella late in mentioning this, but issue #368 of Maximum Rocknroll, 'The Queer Issue', features an interview I was invited to do with Charlotte Richardson Andrews, all about London Queer Zine Fest.
Find 3 pages of us nattering about the zine fest, in advance of the 2013 event (with hopefully no typos after my proofreading bonanza on it). We also discuss stuff about London, working class politics, gentrification, cultural production, anti-assimilation, the history of queer self-publishing, accessibility, and zines, obviously!
Oh, and they do that neat thing of putting 'MRR' in front of all my interview questions, like they were written by proper MRR staff, or something valid like that, when in fact I wrote the interview questions sat in my bed in Leeds in my PJs - score!
I haven't got round to reading the whole mag yet (other than the interview with Shopping), but there's some other really cracking stuff in this issue about queer punks from, and active/creating, all over the world.

Friday, 6 December 2013