Friday, 18 June 2010

i heart melanie and jesus!

Melanie Cervantes: Thanks to Josue Rojas, we have a really awesome video of Jesus Barraza and my (Dignidad Rebelde) thoughts on creating art as a generative act of resistance to racist and nativist legislation like AZ's SB1070.

i wanna see this film

The Heretics
USA, 2009, 95 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Arts & Literature, Biography / History, Bisexual, Discrimination, Documentary, Gender, Lesbian, Politics
Program: Documentary
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Joan Braderman

Welcome to the New York City art world of the 1970s, where women are underrepresented in the MOMA, in publishing, in theaters, as well as in pretty much every other artistic institution. What’s a group of feminist woman artists — painters, filmmakers, designers, writers, architects — to do? Form an art collective, hold endless meetings and publish a progressive magazine called HERESIES: A Feminist Publication on Art and Politics. That’s what.

Filmmaker Joan Braderman, a member of the collective, tracks down twenty-four other members who are now accomplished artists living around the globe. The women talk about the magazine that published Adrienne Rich, Alice Walker and Barbara Ehrenreich.

They reminisce about what it was like to be a woman in a man’s world: from an instructor who praised Ida Applebroog, “That is good, you paint just like a man,” to Mark Rothko, who said to Lucy Lippard, “You’re too cute to be an art critic.” They also recall differences and disagreements; since editors changed for each issue, some women protested when it was determined that only self-identified lesbians would edit the magagzine’s Lesbian Art and Artists Issue.

A collage of intimate interviews, archival footage and photographs, digital animation, contemporary art works, and music by women, this is far from an historical piece. Rather, The Heretics emphasizes that collective feminism is as relevant today as ever. It’s a call to action to transmit this “gift, this collective energy of woman’s togetherness” to the younger generation. — NANI RATNAWATI

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

polish queer comix for pomada, july 2010

I translated this message with Google Translate, so apologies if it doesn't read entirely correctly...

"Draw queer - send a job!"

During scheduled in July, Pomades ( - an alternative to the Europride events - will take place, including a comix queerz "lesbijskiemu" block devoted to comics and queers.
One of the points of the program is displayed Fri "Queer in the Polish comics." The list of artists and artists whose works will be shown is not yet closed, because for obvious reasons we are not able to reach everyone. Therefore, if your comic or ilustratons are queer works and you want to share it with others, select one of the work and send it to us. The technique and color is not important. The minimum quality is 600 dpi. We will contact you to authorize publication and other information.

The work should be sent to the addresses comix.grrrlz @ or until 06/25/2010.

* * *

POMADA (mentioned above) is a group of several people and one collective, for the first time joining forces to present our points of view - the perspective of nonheterosexual sensitivity.

We are different in many ways, but what bring us togehter are: cultural and artistic activity, fun of constantly eluding compulsory heterosexuality, a sense of local identity, sensitivity to the commercial entanglement of LGBTQ movements, passion for grassroots action in the spirit of DIY, and above all a sense of humor, especially about ourselves.

We invite you to take part in cultural events in the first half of July (5-18.07.2010), organized by us and by other organizations, institutions, and collectives in our network.

Our activities will take place parallel to the Warsaw EuroPride 2010 events.

We encourage everybody to cooperate and participate, regardless of gender and orientation - whatever, or, as we say in Poland: ganc Pomada!

* * * * *

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

bitch media zine library

The people behind Bitch magazine have set up a zine library in Portland, USA:

That’s right, we’ve added a zine library to the 1,000-plus books already in our collection. We’re excited to watch our zine collection grow, and we can’t wait to share the breadth of self-published feminist materials. There are a couple of ways that you can get involved with our zine library:

1) You can send us your zines. Whether you’re a zinemaker yourself or you have a zine collection that you’d like to send to a new home, we’d love to include your zines in our library. If you’ve got a big collection to ship, contact me at Otherwise, just write “zine donation” on your envelope and send it to us at 4930 NE 29th Avenue, Portland, OR 97211. To sweeten the deal, I will be reviewing zines that show up in our mailbox.

2) Come to the library and check some zines out! Again, we’re open from 5-8pm Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the library can also be opened by appointment during weekday hours.

laydeez who do comics zine event

News from Alternative Press...

Alternative Press Talk at Laydeez do Comics

We will be doing a short presentation at this excellent monthly comic evening at the Rag Factory next Monday 21st June. The subject of this months meeting is;


Guest Speakers:

Dr Roger Sabin, Reader in Popular Culture at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London. Author of Comics, Comix & Graphic Novels (2001)

Prof Teal Triggs, Professor of Graphic Design and Head of Research, School of Graphic Design, London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. Graphic design historian, critic and educator.
Co-author with Roger Sabin of Critical Radar: Fanzines & Alternative Comics From 1976 To Now (2001)

Gareth Brookes and Jimi Gherkin, comix artists and members of Alternative Press

Rachel House, artist and Co-director of Space Station Sixty-Five

Katie Allen, feminist zinester and editor of women’s magazine

You can find out more about Laydeez do comics at:

proper academic!

Feminism and its Methods: an interdisciplinary colloquium
12-13 July 2010, Manchester Museum

This event is organised by the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC), and is co-sponsored by: School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester and CESAGen (Centre for Research on Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics). This event is also part of the Manchester Feminist Theory Network.

The conference will have a dual focus on:

* methods as a means for rethinking feminisms, as well as
* the histories, transformations and travels of feminist methods and methodologies.

Academic reflections on feminism and its recent past have tended not to encompass feminist methods and methodologies. This workshop aims to explore how our understanding of feminism might be transformed if we focus in particular on methods. The widespread influence of feminist methods across the social sciences and humanities could be taken as evidence of feminism's vitality, countering narratives of its demise. However, this influence often goes unmarked and unacknowledged. Feminist methods and methodologies have not been taken up evenly across disciplines, and do not necessarily index the same debates. In this event, we are keen to promote dialogue within and between different quarters of feminist practice, research and activism. This colloquium will explore how feminist methods have been taken up and transformed in and across disciplines, that is, how feminist methods have travelled.

Methods have been central to feminist practices, from the making of women's history and the creation of feminist archives, to the speak-out, consciousness-raising groups, manifestoes, oral histories, feminist utopian fiction. This historical centrality poses questions about the contemporary relationship between methods and feminism.

Speakers include: Bridget Byrne, Rachel Cohen, Ann Cvetkovich, Jacqui Gabb, Magaretta Jolly, Joan Haran, Amelia Lee , Julie McLeod, Maureen McNeil, Kate O'Riordan, Nirmal Puwar, Rachel Thomson, Kath Woodward, Sophie Woodward

For more information please go to

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

symposium discussion group gets a mention

Amelia Wells of Amelia's Magazine has written a neat review of London Zine Symposium here:

She mentiones the discussion group I ran with Patrick, Debi, and Em... it's rad to hear what people made of the group, and to hear that it was important and worthwhile :)

Thank you Amelia <3

girls who draw - cornwall

Girls Who Draw invite you to come and visit their amazing ‘Travelling Menagerie’ which will be at the Here and Now Gallery in Falmouth throughout July. The exhibition will feature an exotic array of artwork from the ‘Menagerie’ postcard book as well as new work based on the same theme.

There are 10 illustrators participating in the exhibition and they are Gemma Correll, Anke Weckmann, Mary Kilvert, Sarah Ray, Kate Hindley, Ruth Green, Currentstate, Yee Ting Kuit, Karoline Rerrie and Michelle Turton.

Travelling Menagerie at Here and Now Gallery, Falmouth,
July 2nd – July 31st 2010 (Private view Fri 2nd July 6-9pm)
Here and Now Gallery
41 a Killigrew Street
TR11 3PW

Monday, 7 June 2010

serbia and london - diy photo zines

From my inbox (Thanks Josh!)...

Between East and West.
From Novi Sad in Serbia to London in UK.
DIK Fagazine in Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina and The Photographers' Gallery.

We are happy to invite you to exhibitions featuring self publications and artists books as well as artistic "products in development". DIK Fagazine and it's publisher - Karol Radziszewski will be participating in both shows.

The exhibition in Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina will present some selected issues of DIK Fagazine and pictures taken last year during Karol Radziszewski's residency in Novi Sad. This announces the new book documenting his research focused on homosexuals in contemporary Serbia as well as on gays life in the communist past. The unique publication will be out this year!

* * * * *

2-10 June 2010
Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina
Dunavska 37, Novi Sad, Serbia

Opening of the exhibition: Wednesday, 2nd of June, 8 pm

The exhibition "Residency Culture" consists of artists taking part in programs Opening Our Closed Shops and Schloss Solitude. Exhibition will show artists' production developed and produced both during residency time but also production that is developed during "everyday life" time.

Bernhard Herbordt & Melanie Mohren, DE / Min Kyoung Lee, KOR/ Darinka Pop-Mitic, SRB / Karol Radziszewski, PL / Dubravka Sekulic, SRB / Helene Sommer, NOR / Natasa Vujkov, SRB

* * * * *

We are also happy to announce that MARIOS DIK photo book by Karol Radziszewski will be presented at The Photographers' Gallery:

Self Publish, Be Happy Weekend
5 - 6 June 2010
The Photographers' Gallery
16 Ramillies Street, London

A weekend showcase of 60 exceptional contemporary DIY photo books, selected by Bruno Ceschel. A talk and signings throughtout the weekend will provide an opportunity for art book lovers to discuss, admire and buy publications originating from around the world.

From the more obscure zines assembled in student bedrooms to impeccably printed photobooks, Self Publish, Be Happy Weekend will offer inspiration and happiness for everybody.

Featuring work by: Adam Murray & Robert Parkinson, Alastair Levy, Alec Soth, Alex Mctigue, Alexander Binder, Alexandra Klein, Asa Johannesson, Asher Penn, Aubrey Mayer, Charlotte Dumas, David Schoerner, Derek Henderson, Erik Kessels, Erik Van Der Wejjde, Esther Teichmann, Gerry Badger, Grant Willing, Heather McDonough, Jan Von Holleben, Japp Scheeren, Jason Evans, Jeff Luker, Jeremie Egry and Nicolas Poillot, Joachim Schmid, Joshua Deaner, Karol Radziszewski, Katrina Umber, Lester B. Morrison, Lina Scheynius, Lucas Blalock, Marten Lange, Maxwell Anderson, Morten Andersen, Morten Spaberg, Ofer Wolberger, Patrick Waugh, Ricardo Cases, Richard Renaldi, Sam Falls, Sebastien Girard, Shane Lavalette, Sjoerd Knibbeler, Sophie Morner, Stephen Gill, Terence Hannum, Tim Barber and Victor Sira.

A selection of the books will be availble for sale in The Photographers' Gallery Bookshop. Come and get your piece of happiness.

Self Publish, Be Happy is an organisation founded by Bruno Ceschel in 2010 with the aim to celebrate and promote self published photobooks through events (fairs, exhibitions and conferences), books and online. Self Publish, Be Happy also organises workshops aimed to help photographers to make and publish their own books. For more information visit:

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

zine on sale online

The zine, Taking Cultural Production Into Our Own Hands (see blog post below this one) is now available to order online, via my etsy site:

It'll also be available to buy at Bradford Zine Fayre on the individual zine table.