Wednesday, 16 June 2010

polish queer comix for pomada, july 2010

I translated this message with Google Translate, so apologies if it doesn't read entirely correctly...

"Draw queer - send a job!"

During scheduled in July, Pomades ( - an alternative to the Europride events - will take place, including a comix queerz "lesbijskiemu" block devoted to comics and queers.
One of the points of the program is displayed Fri "Queer in the Polish comics." The list of artists and artists whose works will be shown is not yet closed, because for obvious reasons we are not able to reach everyone. Therefore, if your comic or ilustratons are queer works and you want to share it with others, select one of the work and send it to us. The technique and color is not important. The minimum quality is 600 dpi. We will contact you to authorize publication and other information.

The work should be sent to the addresses comix.grrrlz @ or until 06/25/2010.

* * *

POMADA (mentioned above) is a group of several people and one collective, for the first time joining forces to present our points of view - the perspective of nonheterosexual sensitivity.

We are different in many ways, but what bring us togehter are: cultural and artistic activity, fun of constantly eluding compulsory heterosexuality, a sense of local identity, sensitivity to the commercial entanglement of LGBTQ movements, passion for grassroots action in the spirit of DIY, and above all a sense of humor, especially about ourselves.

We invite you to take part in cultural events in the first half of July (5-18.07.2010), organized by us and by other organizations, institutions, and collectives in our network.

Our activities will take place parallel to the Warsaw EuroPride 2010 events.

We encourage everybody to cooperate and participate, regardless of gender and orientation - whatever, or, as we say in Poland: ganc Pomada!

* * * * *

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