Remembering Who We Are project

Remembering Who We Are project

This zine is about who we are and how it links with what we do. It was developed alongside an event at Leeds Zine Fair and an exhibition at Space Station 65 in London celebrating what can happen when creativity and activism are combined.

We asked participants to share a unique story of a formative event or influential person in their life. We wanted to hear, see and share examples of moments that have shaped or are shaping people’s political values and have made them into who they are today.

They are examples of social and political history on a personal level; things that people have experienced in their lifetime that have influenced and activated them, or formative events that have made them think about the world in a different way.

This may be as simple as a conversation with someone that made them think critically about things. Or, it may be an example of actions/activisms that have buoyed their interest in, and their knowledge/awareness of, politics and political action, and/or led them to engage in your own everyday activism, action or activity.

It is an opportunity to show how individual experiences can create interesting and interested activists, and challenge the daunting myth that all activists must and do come-to-be by knowing it all from the get-go, and knowing all the same things. We’re all human, and we’ve all seen and done a lot to get to the points that we’re at. The zine aims to remember some of this, and to show how our unique experiences have led us to work to create change in the ways that we do.

The zine’s curators are: Melanie Maddison, creator of ‘Shape & Situate: Posters of Inspirational European Women’ and Lindsay Starbuck, founder of the Caged Bird Club Collective.

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