Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Shape & Situate at Leeds Queer Film Festival - special edition as a zine in a day

On Saturday 18th July at Leeds Queer Film Festival 2015, Shape & Situate and Footprint Workers Co-op will be making a Zine In A Day.

We’ll be making a special issue of ‘Shape & Situate: Posters of Inspirational Women in Europe’ zine.

It will be a zine full of A5 posters specifically focused on radical self-identified Queer Women in/from Europe. Women whose actions and contributions are inspirational and influential. Women who have perhaps acted as organisers, activists, agitators, pioneers, educators, or role models in various fields.

We’re looking for posters/zine-pages that tell and share the stories, lives, actions and histories of self-identified queer women.

In particular, if possible we’d love to capture knowledge of local queer women who are/were active in our communities; those inspiring women that we encounter on a day-to-day basis.

We want to question and challenge traditional/hegemonic history which suppresses, ignores or omits.

Help us document queer women and remember the voices of the underrepresented and the oppositional.

How to get involved: Make an A5 poster to bring along on the day, or email your poster to us at: You can also create a poster at the film fest, perhaps inspired by the people you meet or learn about in the films, stories or workshops. There will be dedicated workshop space for this poster making & also to learn about & discuss other creative, grassroots social-history memorial projects.

We’ll be Riso Printing the zine in various coloured inks live at the Film Festival & selling copies/displaying the posters from late afternoon on Saturday 18th June.

Get involved & let us know in a poster who inspires you!

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