Sunday, 29 April 2012

nice zines and kusama pyjamas

I know I probably shouldn't get as geekily excited about these things as I do, but I just spotted that Shape & Situate zine has been blogged about on two Tumblr sites, both of which look like really great sites, 'Nice Zines', and 'Kusama Pyjamas'. Both are new to me, but look like they're worth following!

S&S on 'Nice Zines'
S&S on 'Kusama Pjyamas'

Friday, 27 April 2012

ana benaroya interview on pikaland

Evergreen Jim & Tulip: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough is the brainchild of Ana Benaroya, and it's the latest zine to be produced by Pikabooks.

I interviewed Ana about the zine and her other art work over at Pikaland.
You can read the interview here:

You can get a copy of Ana’s limited edition zine, Evergreen Jim & Tulip: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough over at Pikabooks:

Monday, 23 April 2012

interview online about forthcoming exhibition

Natalie Bradbury (of The Shrieking Violet zine) has featured an interview with me ahead of the exhibition 'Posters of Inspirational European Women: Taken from the zine Shape & Situate' which will appear as part of the Victoria Baths Zine Convention that she is organising in May in Manchester, UK.

You can read the interview online here:

Thanks Natalie!

cendrine rovini interview on pikaland

My interview with French artist Cendrine Rovini is up online over at Pikaland:

Friday, 13 April 2012

queercore oral history

Just read this seriously rad oral history of Queercore that was just published online, 'Queer to the Core' by Adam Rathe (4.12.2012)

♥ ♥ ♥
I feel all giddy inside reading this, cuz I'm so grateful this all happened - it sure as hell changed my life!,0

Thursday, 5 April 2012

music and liberation exhibition tour

From my inbox from Deborah Withers:

Music & Liberation: Women’s Liberation Music Making in the UK, 1970-1989 will show how feminists used music as an activist tool to entertain and empower women during the 1970s and 1980s.

It brings together for the first time a diverse collection of women’s cultural heritage to inspire and inform contemporary audiences about the politics of music making.

The exhibition is touring the UK Sept 2012-Jan 2013 at the following venues and dates:

Butetown History & Arts Centre, Cardiff 4 – 24 September

Bureau Gallery, Manchester, 27 September – 25 October

Glasgow Women’s Library, Glasgow, 29 October – 26 November

Space Station Sixty-Five, London 30 Nov – 15 Jan 2013

For further information about the project, and how to get involved, please contact:

Project Coordinator: Dr. Deborah Withers


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

topo copy's shelf library

Photos taken from the Topo Copy facebook page, featuring Shape & Situate zine at Topo Copy - The Shelf library @ DOK! in Gent, Belgium. It looks like a really neat little space.

ante-art in may

Plans are brewing over at Ante-art for their May Day extravaganza (5 and 6 May 2012) at the Kirkgate Centre, Shipley (BD18 3HE)

Shape & Situate is going to be there with zines and a mini version of the exhibition. Keep your eyes peeled on the ante website for more news of the events and the ante-Art factory:

Ante takes the idea of art and scrapes off the dogma, the commercialism and the elitism. Ante explores and celebrates the use of art and print as an expression of free will and a megaphone for those whose collective voices struggle to be heard.

Ante is Shipley's May Day celebration, taking place at the Kirkgate Centre on the 5-6th May. Saturday starts with a small press, zine and print fair followed by a benefit gig. Sunday is an ante-Art factory - dress for mess and produce your own £25million masterpiece. Ante-exhibition all weekend. Ante is a grant free, staff-free event.

In many respects, Ante is a reflection of all those Bradford May Days that have gone before – an unfunded demonstration of collective effort. It’s a familiar format: a bookfair, some anti-art, a gig and hands on workshops. But in truth Ante (from the Latin ‘before’) is more than that. It’s about the person we were until we became buried by work (or increasingly, ‘no work’), by shopping, debts, television and the all the worries and stresses and strains of modern life. So, if like us, you keep promising yourself that you’ll make time to rediscover that lost self, to be more creative, spend more time with friends, meet more people, experience life more fully, but can never quite make it happen, Ante is for you. Ante – or more to the point May Day – is when we collectively say to hell with shopping, with work, with debt, with worrying and with tv! It’s a day when we remind ourselves that a life always promised for tomorrow is a life robbed of today.

donate to salford zine library

From my inbox...

Salford Zine Library is looking to move into a new home to give wider access to the 1500+ international zines in their collection.

Craig of Salford Zine Library is currently trying to raise funds for its new home using Sponsume. You can view the pitch here:

Since the exhibition came to a close at Salford Museum and Art Gallery the library has been homeless. I have been desperately seeking a new place for it to reside. Looking for a pleasant and safe environment where people can comfortably read and peruse the archive at their own leisure. After much toing and froing looking for the right spaceI have been offered a permanent room at the Nexus Art CafĂ© in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

In its new home the archive will be accessible seven days a week from mid May but as you can see the space needs work. With your help and the skills of master craftsman Andy Yates – a man who says he can drill through anything - we can transform the space into the ideal new home we have long since dreamed of.

Our aim is to raise one thousand pounds by the end of April 2012.
The money raised will go towards the building of shelves, comfy seats to sit down and read, lighting and giving the walls a nice lick of paint.

When the space is clean and safe we can deliver workshops as part of our educational programme and you can read you favourite zines in calm creative comfort.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

letterpress printing with the print project

On Saturday I took part in a Letterpress workshop run by the wonderful Sarah and Nick of The Print Project located at the 1 in 12 in Bradford.

I decided to print some letterpressed postcards to turn into bunting for forthcoming zine events, and chose the Univers Bold Condensed (48pt) type.

Sarah and Nick were really great, showing us different types of letterpress printers, before letting us loose on their trays of movable type and their Adana machines.

I learned a great deal and was really excited by the processes and the results that could be achieved. The trays of type were really beautiful to dig though, and set out as forme & lock into the chase for printing.

Here's a few pics (including a couple taken by folk at the 1 in 12 on the day)

Sarah's rundown of the day can be read here