Tuesday, 3 April 2012

ante-art in may

Plans are brewing over at Ante-art for their May Day extravaganza (5 and 6 May 2012) at the Kirkgate Centre, Shipley (BD18 3HE)

Shape & Situate is going to be there with zines and a mini version of the exhibition. Keep your eyes peeled on the ante website for more news of the events and the ante-Art factory: http://www.ante-art.co.uk/

Ante takes the idea of art and scrapes off the dogma, the commercialism and the elitism. Ante explores and celebrates the use of art and print as an expression of free will and a megaphone for those whose collective voices struggle to be heard.

Ante is Shipley's May Day celebration, taking place at the Kirkgate Centre on the 5-6th May. Saturday starts with a small press, zine and print fair followed by a benefit gig. Sunday is an ante-Art factory - dress for mess and produce your own £25million masterpiece. Ante-exhibition all weekend. Ante is a grant free, staff-free event.

In many respects, Ante is a reflection of all those Bradford May Days that have gone before – an unfunded demonstration of collective effort. It’s a familiar format: a bookfair, some anti-art, a gig and hands on workshops. But in truth Ante (from the Latin ‘before’) is more than that. It’s about the person we were until we became buried by work (or increasingly, ‘no work’), by shopping, debts, television and the all the worries and stresses and strains of modern life. So, if like us, you keep promising yourself that you’ll make time to rediscover that lost self, to be more creative, spend more time with friends, meet more people, experience life more fully, but can never quite make it happen, Ante is for you. Ante – or more to the point May Day – is when we collectively say to hell with shopping, with work, with debt, with worrying and with tv! It’s a day when we remind ourselves that a life always promised for tomorrow is a life robbed of today.

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