Saturday, 26 December 2009

i die one of many

Here is the most extraordinary tribute to a very special musician and songwriter, Vic Chesnutt. I adore Vic's music

Reading Kristin's words on Christmas Day, that “This time, it’s real scary: *this* time, he left a note, *this* time, he asked them to call me” completely slayed me...

don't count my scars like tree rings

Thursday, 17 December 2009

jenny slate i'm starting to think you're awesome!

Obvious Child from Gillian Robespierre on Vimeo.

i hexed him, now he's losing his hair

Contentious, yet I happen to agree: Why Courtney Love was Kurt Cobain's Lyrical Equal

Oh, and I remember hovering at my TV when that Jools Holland episode was first aired, ready to press 'record' :) And that video of 'Jennifer's Body' made goosebumps curse through my entire body.

"He keeps you in a box by the bed/ Alive but just barely/ He said 'I'm your lover, I'm your friend/ I'm purity, hit me again'".

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

get yr cray-on

From my inbox...

Get Yr Cray-On!!! (Please forward widely)

***Call-out for submissions to the Bay Area Childcare Collective Radical Coloring Book!!!***

That’s right- the Bay Area Childcare Collective is putting together a coloring book to use as both a fun and radical teaching tool as well as a fundraiser, and we want your help! For more info on the Childcare Collective, go to

We are looking for some folks to illustrate one or more pictures each with radical themes. Many of the kids using the book have parents or other loved ones already involved in community organizing (especially labor, immigration and housing rights) so we want the book to help explain why this kind of work is great and important.

What we want:

- simple black and white line drawings that will look good when photocopied

- pictures with lots of blank space so they’re fun to color

- appropriate for very young children while still (if possible) appealing to older kids and adults (witty allusions encouraged)

- each picture should include a caption or leave space for a caption that will explain what the picture is about (ex: “everyone in the community helped fight the eviction”)

- please leave a margin of AT LEAST 1” on all sides so it is easy to photocopy!

- be creative! Feel free to use animals, shapes, plants, sea creatures to tell yr story- we want it to be fun and inspire kids’ imaginations.

When you know what you’re going to draw, please email us to let us know so we can avoid repeats and/or complement your artwork with like-minded pieces.

We would LOVE your ideas and suggestions.

We want this book to be a celebration of women of color led organizing!

Some specific ideas that we’ve already come up with include:

* * * POWER/ Just Cause Oakland/ Women’s Collective of the Day Laborer’s Union (the awesome orgs we provide childcare for!)

* * * Dolores Huerta/ Cesar Chavez/ Farm Labor movement

* * * Domestic Workers Movement

* * * Radical labor organizing

* * * Housing rights- fighting evictions, affordable housing, healthy neighborhoods

* * * Food justice (examples: People's Grocery, Rooftop gardens, people's gardens)

* * * Gender diversity, queer visibility

* * * Feminism; Women leaders in bay area movement organizing; Mothers & Parents in the movement

* * * Anti-War resistance & Anti-Imperialism

* * * Environmentalism, water, climate change, caring for the earth

* * * Indigenous resistance, organizing, AIM, EZLN, Alcatraz takeover

* * * Black Panthers/ Young Lords/ & history of liberation movements in the Bay Area

* * * Abolishment of/ work around the Prison Industrial Complex

We might decide to organize the pictures into various sections or themes, like cooperation, solidarity, equality, sharing, negotiation, etc. (TBD)

Also, we want the finished product to be bilingual (English and Spanish), so if you have translation skills, please share them with us!


Submissions can either be scanned and emailed (high quality- 300 dpi or better) to OR you can send it via Snail Mail (though we won’t give it back to you so bear that in mind) to Get Yr Cray-On! c/o Pike, 1884 Market St, SF, CA 94102.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

In love and Solidarity,

The Cray-On Crew.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

kinda silly but it put a happy smile on my face!

All Star Baseball 2000 - "Since You've Been Gone" movie challenge from Cob Job on Vimeo.

By Paul Baribeau and Eric Ayotte

we heart art

We Heart Arts is a pretty rad project...

We Heart Arts is a non-profit organization that works to raise funds for children's creative arts programs around the world. We are trying to build a creative future for children via the goodwill of humanity and through creative means.

We Heart Arts believe that;
i. Creative arts teaches young people the value of lifelong active personal expressionism
ii. Creative arts teaches young people to question the world they live in
iii. Creative arts teaches young people that thinking outside of the box is an important mental function in life
iv. Creative arts teaches young people to engage in a social network of proactive young people invested in a community built on meaningful, sustained ideas and expressionism
v. Creative arts opens up a world of opportunities for young people to grow and help others through arts therapy
vi. Creative arts can open up an avenue of communication for children with learning difficulties
vii. Creative arts can help children process and work through traumatic experiences
viii. Creative arts can provide peer interaction and a sense of community, independence and feelings of control

(Thanks to Megan's myspace post for making me aware of this project)

Friday, 11 December 2009

not chicks

Jacinta and Julie's excellent book, 'Girls Are Not Chicks' (PM Press/Reach and Teach) is going to be reviewed on Newsnight Review tonight in the UK

If you catch the show, post your thoughts of the TV review/discussion here and I'll pass it all on to Jacinta and Julie in case they can't watch the show from the US...

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

hammer on

Hammer On Press, is a new UK based feminist publishing house, focussed on Publishing, Workshops, and Social Change; breaking down boundaries between academia, art and popular culture.

I'm excited to hear how everything at Hammer On Press develops as there's so much exciting potential!

we understand the felt presence of experiences

I wish I could be this articulate everytime I'm asked why I self-publish, and why I think making our own culture and cultural contributions is important.
I think it's an undeniable answer to the question of why art is activism.

(thanks to John Carling for his link to this video)

Monday, 7 December 2009

impulsive random platform

From my inbox...

Dear Self-Publisher,

I am writing on behalf of London based art publication, "Impulsive Random Platform", of which I am co-founder and editor. I would like to bring to your attention our latest call for submissions/ collaboration and to personally invite you to apply for inclusion in our 12th issue, which will be made up of work by self published, small press zine and magazine makers with a launch event and opportunity to sell previous issues of included publications in a London venue in spring 2010. Please find below our call for submissions and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

I look for forward to hearing from you and keep up the good work!

Alex of IRP

For our 12th issue of IRP, we are seeking submissions and expressions of interest solely from creators of self-published, small press zines and magazines.

The aim of this issue is to create a snapshot of current independent and alternative self-publishing from creative individuals and groups in Europe and the US (although submissions from applicants outside of these areas are also welcome) and to create a dialogue between like-minded projects and makers.

We would like submissions to consist of new and un-published work made specifically for this issue, which is representative of participants’ publications. This could be a collaboration between the creators of a zine and/or the work of a selected artist and regular contributor. While the purpose of the content of this issue is to promote and advertise the activity of a selection of publications, we want applicants to be creative with their submissions- we do not want to create a magazine full of adverts! Similarly, we would like the content to be appropriate to and a logical progression of the work regularly featured in issues of IRP and so for this reason, we ask applicants to not submit articles and/or reviews of events, etc., however images and combinations of images and text, text art, poems, concrete poetry and creative writing are all perfectly acceptable. For examples of previous content of IRP, please visit our website:

We intend to use our regular method of display for this issue- an A5 black and white photocopied magazine, however we are happy to receive submissions and proposals for work outside of this format, such as colour images and hand-rendered pages. Due to the nature of the project and for the issue to reach as wide an audience as possible, we are also planning on making a larger edition number than usual (our edition sizes tend to range from 50 to 100 copies per issue) so please keep this in mind if your submission has any specialist requirements.

To celebrate the launch of this issue, we are hoping to host an event in a London venue in spring 2010, where the issue will be sold (all money made from the sale of IRP12 will be used to cover the cost of production and the event), refreshments served, and previous issues and work by participants will also be available to buy via a communal selling table. Following the launch, the issue will be available to buy from our regular stockists and forthcoming online shop. In return for their participation, all contributors will receive one complimentary copy of the magazine for their archive and are also welcome to distribute the zine via their usual stockists and avenues of sale.

To submit, please send images, and combinations of image and text as 300 dpi jpegs to For text, please send your submissions as word documents to the same address. In addition, please also include a brief bio of your zine and a copy of your publication’s logo, if applicable. This additional information will not be considered during the judging process and will only be used to provide a back story for selected publications within the issue and for advertising purposes. The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Monday 21st December 2009, however please do not hesitate to get in touch ASAP with any questions you may have regarding the publication.

We look forward to hearing from you.


glutton for fatshion

From my inbox...

Glutton for Fatshion is super proud and excited to release the CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for our second issue to be released in early February, 2010.

Glutton for Fatshion: For ferocious, lush, fatties who can never get enough! Glutton is about treating yourself well and getting what you want in a way that doesn't fuck with anyone's justice, revolution, or freedom. Glutton doesn't just talk about size acceptance, it is about living in a way that slams open boundaries (with your hips) and tears apart mainstream ideas of beauty and health (with your teeth). Glutton isn't just about plus size fashion. Glutton is about fat style, anti-classist consumerism, making shit yourself, loving how you look, telling your community that they are fly. This is a wholly fat-positive/glorifying, trans-inclusive, anti-racist/poc centered, anti-class-ist, acknowledging our privilege type of shebang. And, of course, really fun and ferocious.

This issue we are focusing on hot hot sex, righteous self-love, and big fat relationships.

A list of ideas for articles, art, well-articulated rants, poetry and otherwise:

Radical Fatshion (as always)
Radical Self Love
Fat Sex Advice on Positions/Toys/Negotiating/Consent
Fat Experiences getting tested for STIs/Pregnancy
Fat Experiences with casual sex or sex parties
Fat Experiences in open/poly/radical love/threesome relationships etc.
Fat Experiences buying/wearing/liking lingeries and sexy underthings
Fat Positive Valentines
Fat Erotic Photos
Fat Dating Advice/reviews of online dating sites
Dressing as masturbation
Lingerie Paperdolls (We especially would like to see a doll that is a size 26+)
Fat Fantasies/Porn
Reviews of independent and radical fatshion stores and designers
Upcoming NYC spring events for radical fatties and our friends

Issue title TBD, if you have witty suggestions, let us know!

SUBMISSIONS MUST BE PRINT-READY, please copy edit or ask a friend to!
Our zine is folded, regular letter-sized paper, which means that your entries should be no larger than 4 in. x 5.5 in. per page.
All submissions must be received by January 22, 2009 by midnight
Please e-mail to in either word or pdf format
We will let you know if your piece was accepted or sweetly declined. (and an explanation, if you wish)

You can also request the first issue by e-mailing us! $2-5 donation, please to cover printing and shipping costs.

If you have access to cheap (free) corporate printing opportunities, or would like to help us select submissions, promote our launch party, assist with layout, create filler art etc. etc. please let us know!


Check out Emma Thatcher and Eva Megias's fabulous Twtee homo tshirt project...

using the classic white shape as a cañvas we share our thoughts and feelings about the weather, politics, beliefs, animals, office jobs, sexuality, heroes and cross contiñental shifts (!!!).

we wanted to make somethiñg using our hands and the material world, this way we hope to recoñnect to childhood energy, remembering carnivals and parties, play acting,performañce, wonder and making our own costumes (?!?!).

we put our ideas on a big fabulous white space.

Thanks to Debi for making me aware of this project!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

sister spit in the uk, november 2010

From my inbox...

Hey all,

So, on the success of the last Sister Spit UK tour, RADAR Productions; the US based not-for-profit arts publishing company are funding it for another year!

Sister Spit: The Next Generation is coming back to the UK in NOVEMBER 2010.

At this stage, Michelle Tea is contacting a whole line-up of new readers and performers and we will keep you all up to date with any developments. Please let me know through this email address if you would like to register your interest in running a show in your city or town or a part of your festival!

We are especially looking for interest from Universities/Colleges and Festivals as to secure an international arts grant that will help cover a lot of the costs, RADAR Productions is looking desperately for letters from such institutions agreeing to a show in the timeframe of November 2010. Nothing has to be set in stone, it's simply a register of interest or an official invite to bring them back here. If you could help us out with one of these letters, PLEASE email me back asap and I'll let you know what you'll need to include! They need them by January 1st!!

That's all for now, i hope you're all as excited as we are!!!
Em and Emily (Tour Bookers/Managers)

- - -

Sister Spit, the awesome lit/spoken word/performance troupe based in the USA, led by celebrated author Michelle Tea of 'Rent Girl' and 'Without a Net' fame is coming over to the UK in November 2010 with a whole new line-up of celebrated queer/grrrl artists, writers, zinesters and performers.

Michelle says: 'I write books, and host readings for other people who write books, to be listened to by people who like reading books. My last novel is called Rose of No Man's Land and is about a teenage genderqueer loner who gets mixed up with a speed freak mall rat and falls in love. Or something. My last anthology is called It's So You and it's full of essays by stylish people about how they came to look so great, such as Eileen Myles, Kim Gordon, Jenny Shimizu, Kate Bornstein, Ali Liebegott, Tara Jepsen, Beth Lisick and other modern role models. I run the Radar Reading + Salon series in San Francisco, and every so often pile a bunch of bitches in a van and set off across the country under the guise of Sister Spit: The Next Generation.'

Previous travellers on the Sister Spit tour include: Michelle Tea, Beth Lisick, Ariel Schrag, Sara Seinberg, Kirya Traber, Ben McCoy, Cristy C. Road, Rhiannon Argo, Kat Marie Yoas, Amos Mac, Tara Jepsen, Nicole J Georges, Sini Anderson, Lynnee Breedlove, Silas Howard, Kirk Read, Chelsea Starr, Ali Liebegott and many many more...!!!

Find More Info Here: (OFFICIAL SITE)

Friday, 4 December 2009

qzap:meta #3

From my inbox...

Call For Submissions - QZAP:meta #3

We are seeking articles and artwork depicting and discussing specifically queer zines.

Articles should be between 500-1000 words. They can be on any of the following themes:

Queer zines and community

Collecting queer zines

Queer zine history

Your relation to queer zines

Why you put out your zine

The first queer zine you read or were influenced by

The future of queer zines and queer zine community

Artwork and images (photos, illustrations, etc.) should be print-ready at 300 dpi or higher. Black and white preferred. Artwork should be submitted as either TIFF or PDF files.

Submissions can be sent to milo[at] with the subject "For QZAP:meta #3"

Deadline for submissions: January 15, 2010. Anticipated publication date: February, 2010

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

grizzly sleeper

I spend a good 80% of my life asleep or snoozing. I wish santa would bring me this grizzly bear bean bag for christmas so that we could snuggle!!

Buy here:

realisation, recognition, and clarity

Charlotte Cooper wrote this on her facebook today and it made goosebumps curse up and down my body with recognition and understanding...

I wish there was a word that means something like "compassion and gratitude for your younger self and relief that things turned out okay even though they were really hard at the time," or "momentary realisation of how the pieces of your life fit together," or "the clarity of recognising a pivotal moment, and the resolve that recognition engenders," or "amazement that things from the ancient past have some kind of impact on people you know in the present in a way you could never have predicted". Something like that.