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sister spit in the uk, november 2010

From my inbox...

Hey all,

So, on the success of the last Sister Spit UK tour, RADAR Productions; the US based not-for-profit arts publishing company are funding it for another year!

Sister Spit: The Next Generation is coming back to the UK in NOVEMBER 2010.

At this stage, Michelle Tea is contacting a whole line-up of new readers and performers and we will keep you all up to date with any developments. Please let me know through this email address if you would like to register your interest in running a show in your city or town or a part of your festival!

We are especially looking for interest from Universities/Colleges and Festivals as to secure an international arts grant that will help cover a lot of the costs, RADAR Productions is looking desperately for letters from such institutions agreeing to a show in the timeframe of November 2010. Nothing has to be set in stone, it's simply a register of interest or an official invite to bring them back here. If you could help us out with one of these letters, PLEASE email me back asap and I'll let you know what you'll need to include! They need them by January 1st!!

That's all for now, i hope you're all as excited as we are!!!
Em and Emily (Tour Bookers/Managers)

- - -

Sister Spit, the awesome lit/spoken word/performance troupe based in the USA, led by celebrated author Michelle Tea of 'Rent Girl' and 'Without a Net' fame is coming over to the UK in November 2010 with a whole new line-up of celebrated queer/grrrl artists, writers, zinesters and performers.

Michelle says: 'I write books, and host readings for other people who write books, to be listened to by people who like reading books. My last novel is called Rose of No Man's Land and is about a teenage genderqueer loner who gets mixed up with a speed freak mall rat and falls in love. Or something. My last anthology is called It's So You and it's full of essays by stylish people about how they came to look so great, such as Eileen Myles, Kim Gordon, Jenny Shimizu, Kate Bornstein, Ali Liebegott, Tara Jepsen, Beth Lisick and other modern role models. I run the Radar Reading + Salon series in San Francisco, and every so often pile a bunch of bitches in a van and set off across the country under the guise of Sister Spit: The Next Generation.'

Previous travellers on the Sister Spit tour include: Michelle Tea, Beth Lisick, Ariel Schrag, Sara Seinberg, Kirya Traber, Ben McCoy, Cristy C. Road, Rhiannon Argo, Kat Marie Yoas, Amos Mac, Tara Jepsen, Nicole J Georges, Sini Anderson, Lynnee Breedlove, Silas Howard, Kirk Read, Chelsea Starr, Ali Liebegott and many many more...!!!

Find More Info Here: (OFFICIAL SITE)

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