Monday, 25 April 2011

great anarchists zine event

Peter Willis is hosting an event to re-launch his zine, 'Great Anarchists' on 27 April at Sauna, Great Hoxton St, London, 6-9pm.

At the event, to mark the 4th pressing of the zine, Pete will be exhibiting drawings from the zine and has made a new video about anarchism made from youtube videos. Pete will also be selling copies of the zine as well as other related zines.

The Great Anarchists flier blurb reads:

A collection of anarchist portraiture, incendiary quotations and new video work exploring the relevance and history of anarchist thought and practice.

Peter Willis' zine Great Anarchists has sold over 350 copies to date and this launch marks it's 4th print run. Collecting 20 portraits and quotes from theoretically and historically important anarchists, it was described by Maximum Rocknroll as 'drawn with a weirdo's hand'

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