Tuesday, 23 June 2009

back handed compliments to female musicians: zine submissions wanted

From my inbox...

hello friends!
so we are compiling a zine filled with our stories as well as the stories or other female musicians.

basically after touring and having the same bone-head things said to us every night, we though this would be a good way to get people thinking and talking to one another before approaching the band.

we want contributions!
send us any details you might think other people should read about. whats the most frustrating experience you've had? what do you want people to know/ take into consideration before they come talk to you.

i want to thank every dude that has come up to me after a show and said something along the lines of "whoa, you, like, play like me!"
i know it came from a place of love.

this zine is going to be a reaction to those comments and backwards compliments women in music receive night after night.

you can send your stories/comments/lovemail to purplerhinestoneeagle@gmail.com
or thru myspace

peace and also love
purple rhinestone eagle

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