Thursday, 20 August 2009

gaycation tales

I got back from my gaycation in San Francisco yesterday and have had THE best time.
Here's a quick summary of my highlights...
Hanging out with the greatest people, meeting new friends, sunshine, ocean beach, writers-with-drinks dorothy allison reading, sutro baths, nomy lamm, santa cruz, strawberry farm, kareoke, dave end, pinball, almost- pink flamingos, tender forever, needles and pens, georgia o'keefe film at SFMOMA, haunted house/fright walk, tuna melts, mirah, charlie's, little otsu, backyard cinema film screening, hugs and cuddles, laughter, tara jane o'neil, modern times, alcatraz, dorothy allison cupping ass!, golden gate bridge at top speed, wax museum, lollipop generation, dolores park, erase errata, dog eared books, the brookdale inn, art xx benefit event, in search of margo-go screening, amoeba, bound together, valencia, michelle tea and daphne gottleib readings, back porch smoking, you tube giggles, christeene, giant robot, the lexington, silas howard, musee mechanique, photobooths -working or not!, younger lovers, queers galore, kirk read performance, lex-sally-maile-mary-iris-annah-pike, frida kahlo at SFMOMA, burning hot sand, windswept, couch-snoozing, graham crackers, grandmother predictions, burnt nose, the eagle - bear-bar extraordinare, hunx and his punx, brits-on-tour, femina potens, carletta sue kay, thee parkside, double dutchess, athens boy's choir, purple rhinestone eagle, mirah doing fleetwood mac, huge huge balloons, ketchup mustache, team gina's ode to the tiny degree of seperation, homo made merit badges, tater tots, the super-group of TJO, Melanie V, Jenny H and Tara J, maile's coolio, dog park, castro rainbows galore, valencia, smashed hope, giant pizza slices, soggy sea-jeans, mary's "duck hand" during fashion show, giant strawberry, running thru sprinklers, lex's english vocab lessons, art at SOMArts, santa cruz boardwalk, and then some!!!
Basically, learning to relax, enjoy, hang out, live and be.

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