Wednesday, 28 April 2010

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TOandFOR gallery is looking for zine-makers to contribute their publications, for the first of an exciting new programme of exhibitions taking place from the end of May.

Titled ‘Paper Exchange’ the exhibition aims to demonstrate the versatility of paper as it forms the medium for the dissemination of our ideas. Alongside book arts and paper sculpture we want to celebrate the self-publisher and pay homage to the paper pages!

TOandFOR is now looking for zine-makers to contribute their publications to the show. We would like to build up a collection of zines to be displayed and be available for perusal during the exhibition. The bigger the selection we get, the better the impression we can give of the sheer wonder and diversity of the zines! At the end of the show we would like to donate the zines to the London College of Communication Library who are building a zine collection.

As well as creating an extended period of zine appreciation for those of us well versed of the zine scene, TOandFOR also aims to bring a new audience into contact with the beautiful simplicity of the medium, and hopefully encourage some more self publishers in the making!

If you would like to contribute to the show in any way shape or form please get in touch! (please put ‘paper exchange’ in the subject line)

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