Wednesday, 5 May 2010

creating our own culture

I'm going to be running a discussion group at this year's LONDON ZINE SYMPOSIUM (Sat 29th May) with Patrick, Debi, and Em. It's on: 'Creating Our Own Culture'

Creating our own culture
A discussion group with zinesters Melanie (Colouring Outside The Lines), Patrick (Ricochet! Ricochet!), Em (The World’s A Mess & You’re My Only Cure), and Debi (Self-Publishing and Empowerment) talking about taking the DIY ethos of zine-making and applying it to becoming creative producers and creative consumers.
They will discuss:
- Organising gig and spoken word tours
- Setting up independent gallery spaces
- Forming bands
- Launching own publishing houses
- DIY Book publishing
- Exhibiting art communally
Come and hear how and why they are creating their own cultural environments/cultures/worlds, and discuss how you could too. Feel free to bring examples of what you’re up to, and/or ideas, plans, and projects that you’d like to put out in to the world

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Charlotte Richardson Andrews said...

Awesome! Will def be swinging by x