Thursday, 30 September 2010

illustrated subversion in make/shift

I have a teeny tiny (heavily edited) one-page article, 'Illustrated Subversion: European Feminists Draw Comics Zines' in the latest issue (#8) of Make/Shift magazine Out Now.

I tried to take a photo, but white pages + flash photography = baaad photos, so you'll just have to imagine it, unless you snag a copy of the magazine yourself.

Woop - they used Sara Hansson's image too :)

Huge thanks to Karolina Bang, Isy Morgenmuffel, Nina Nijsten, Sara Hansson, Chris Campe, Sofia Olsson, Kate Evans, Julia Klaring, Sofia Niazi, Trouble X, and Liv Stromquist for letting me write about their comics.

The article is a reeeeealy short version of something much larger that I once wrote on european feminist comics artists/makers, that will hopefully see the light of day sometime... we shall see!

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