Tuesday, 12 July 2011

una buena barba 3

I was interviewed a couple of months ago by Miriam for the Spanish-language feminist e-magazine, Una Buena Barba, and it's just been published. I answered questions about zines, and 'Shape & Situate' zine in particular.

If you happen to speak/read Spanish, the interview is in the 3rd issue of Una Buena barba (translated as 'a jolly good beard' (I think!!)) found here: http://issuu.com/unabuenabarba/docs/unabuenabarba3
[I'm on page 59, but there's loads of other great stuff (and great people... Coco Riot, Ruth Bop and Charlotte Cooper to name 3!) in there too, so it's worth a flip through it all!!]

Alas, despite two years of "learning" Spanish at school (in actual fact I only took those Spanish classes to get out of doing P.E and Games, and was so very crap in those lessons!), I don't know much, if any Spansish, so am unable to fully appreciate the magazine (but it's very pretty!).
Thanks to Miriam for translating my English into Spanish for the publication, and for involving me in such a rad magazine.
[It's quite a relief in some ways to not be able to read back what I was waffling on about a few months ago. It's saved my blushes!!]

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