Monday, 28 November 2011

consent zine - submission call out

From my inbox from A-K:

Verbal consent has definitely been something that has had a big impact on me and the way I look at relationships, sex and intimacy. Learning good consent has helped me respect my boundaries and the boundaries of my lovers, given me words to discuss things I didn't know how to approach before and tools to continue working with. Such important things!

I feel that there aren't enough zines on consent out there. That's why I'm putting together one, hopefully in time for the Bristol Radical Zine Fest in U.K. in February 2012.

This is a call-out for text and images on consent. Especially your own experiences, but also helpful tips, text you might have seen in other zines, useful resources, good books to read etc.

Please email them to me:

Deadline for submissions: end of January 2012

And please feel free to pass on the info to friends you think might be interested in taking part in the zine!

love and rage,
A-K Pirata

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