Thursday, 31 May 2012

help lambeth women's project

From my inbox...

Today the Lambeth Women's Project (London, UK) has been given 2 weeks to leave it's home of over 3 decades. Eviction is set for 15th June. To find out more about the services they offer, or to get involved in our work, please email us at

Sign the petition at:

We feel that Lambeth Council should meet the needs of the community it serves. By supporting the valuable and unique services provided by Lambeth Women\'s Project, the council would go some way towards fulfilling its social contract with the 53% of its citizens who are women.
The purpose of this petition is to demonstrate the strength of public support for Lambeth Women\'s Project. You can show your support by signing this petition, which will be presented to decision makers to strengthen our case for:
A) A lease for the building = security
B) Recognition of the need for women-only services = safety
C) Adequate funding = maintenance and development of services
D) Policies that promote the social advancement of women = equality

Stockwell Primary School, who have been managing the property for little over a year who have also been obstructive wherever possible during this time. LWP has been delivering vital services to and for young women and girls (ages 0 - 90) in Lambeth for nearly 35 years.

After years of negotiation regarding the use of the space that LWP have been operating from SPS are reneging on agreements made and are behaving unreasonably on the eviction notice they have served on LWP. LWP suspects that the School is motivated by the desire to have a refurbished listed building for their sole use.

The deeper issues at stake relate the cessation of vital services being provided to young girls and young women in an area of extensive poverty and deprivation and which targets young girls and women across racial class and dissability lines.

Come and picket and come and occupy come and help LWP stay where it belongs.

We are holding a public meeting to plan actions. Bring banners, placards etc. We want to use the building as much as possible over the next two weeks and fill it with music, meetings, talks, food and lots of people. We are not going anywhere, this is our building in our community, we must make this clear.

Come and picket and come and occupy come and help LWP stay where it belongs.

If you would like to help in some way please get in touch. We need leaflets and banners. We would like there to be a demonstration in Windrush Square on Monday and/or Tuesday. If you can help with this let us know.

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