Monday, 3 September 2012


I have many rad friends, but Charlotte Richardson Andrews just got even radder by announcing her plans to make Queer Zine Fest London happen in December.

Date and venue to be confirmed, but for now you can follow the plotting at:

Of the event, so far, Charlotte writes:

Queer Zine Fest London is go! We’re planning, scheming and looking for queer zine comrades and friends to help organize the fest. Please get in touch if you are interested in any of the following:

•Tabling (setting up camp to sell yr wares)
•Helping to table for absentee zinesters. We’ll be selling zines from around the world on behalf of zinesters and distros who can’t be with us in person and will need plenty of extra hands
•Donating zines for the communal zine table or materials for workshops
•Hosting a workshop or skill share session
•Appearing on a panel/giving a small talk
•Helping to set up the venue
•Helping out on the day (assisting on the door, introducing folk, acting as point-of-contact for stall holders, visitors and fest attendees)
•Have tips, advice or other contributions to make to the planning stages of the fest.
•Want to offer services not listed above
•Want to host us! We’re still choosing a venue. Ideally, we’re after somewhere roomy, accessible, well-lit and affordable.

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