Tuesday, 9 October 2012

poor lass zine

From my inbox, by my good pals Em Ledger & Seleena Daye:


Poor la$$es we need you!

Are you an awesome working class grrrl who gets out there, makes do and mends, triumphs over adversity and gets some serious shit done?

Wanna get positive, fierce and precious in equal measures in a new collective zine?

If yes to the above, then we need you.

We’re two working class northern lasses who’ve been involved in the riot grrrl/ DIY queer punk scene for a while who are a little bit sick of being talked about like we don’t exist, especially when we’re in the same room (that’s right Ladyfest, best believe!) We wanna tell our OWN stories, with our OWN voices, in our OWN accents and dialogues and at our OWN academic levels.

We want to give people like us a voice that is so often unheard in our communities. To tell and share our stories, to smash stereotypes and pre-conceived ideas.

So what we’re looking for is your story, whatever way you want to tell it, whatever focus you want to give to it. Just be honest; none of us are victims, none of us are looking for sympathy, shit happens and we have little choice other than to get on with it. Those things make us the super strong powerful folks we are today!

This is going to be a series with running themes each issue such as; educations, jobs, family etc. If you wanna get involved, email us with a mini bio and any particular angles you like to take or discuss and we’ll get crackin’ with issue one!

Email us on poorlasszine@gmail.com Feel free to share this and tag anyone you think may be interested!


Em and Seleena

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