Saturday, 6 July 2013

matchwomen's festival

Forwarding via Bill Savage who made a poster about the B&M Matchwomen for Shape & Situate zine:
Celebrate the beginning of the modern labour movement on the 125th anniversary of the matchwomen's strike.
In July 1888, over a thousand women walked out of an East London match factory - and changed the world. Their courage, solidarity and refusal to back down impressed all who saw it and they won better conditions, pay and the right to start the largest union of women in the country.

In July 2013 it will be the 125th anniversary of this momentous strike which was at the forefront of the modern trade union movement and influenced much of the action which followed it.

Come and celebrate this occasion, in London on July 5th-7th with a weekend of music, comedy, politics and more.

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