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zine gathering in Gent, Belgium: January 31st-Febuary 1st‏

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I’m going to organise a kind of “zine gathering” in Espace Ladda, a temporary alternative gallery in Gent, in Belgium, from January 31st - February 1st. Espace Ladda is a space that is being used by the organisation Ladda for a few months and where different kinds of projects can be done related to the themes skills, gathering, ideas or membership. The zine gathering will be part of the “gathering” activities. Ladda is very interested in zines and DIY and related things (my dissertation about riot grrrl is on their website for example). Afterwards a book will be published with the results of all the activities and the “alternative research” that have taken place in Espace Ladda. So it looks like a nice opportunity to do something fun there!

So I proposed them to give a zine workshop there, but when talking to one of Ladda’s members the idea came up to make it a real zine gathering during a weekend. So all participants can all work on making a zine together and there is also space and time to do other things (film screenings, quiet performances, related workshops, zine infostands, games, spontaneous actions, whatever you can think of that can fit into such a zine gathering). Ladda has a copy machine we can use to copy the zine and a button machine.

But I’m now looking for people who want to participate in the zine weekend! So let us know soon if you are interested. (Travel expenses can be covered from Belgium and the Netherlands ONLY, but let me know SOON). If you want to “do” something besides taking part in the zine, I can mention it on the website and also I can mention who is taking part and which zine(s) they publish. But you don’t have to be a (zine) writer to take part! I’m looking more for “like-minded” people (feminists, queers, DIY-artists, anar-activists, crafty people, etc) to make a DIY publication together. Like I said, there’s also space for other things besides making the zine; I’m very open for your suggestions and ideas! So it can be an entire creative DIY-queer-anarcha-riot-feminist gathering! It would be nice to meet up with lots of zinesters and creators and activists in such a space, so we don’t only know each other through mail and letters and zines, but also in real life!

This is the website of Espace Ladda: and of Ladda:

Mail me if you are interested or curious: ! Then I’ll keep you up to date!


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