Thursday, 9 April 2009

reminding me what it's all about

From a Kimya Dawson blog post...

This song has been my mantra since the first time I popped the album Green into the tape player of my mom's old minivan. This is the song I screamed along to driving fast on windy dirt roads at night. This is the song I shouted to the heavens from the top of the dam. This is the song that pounds against the inside of my skull when I feel out of control- reminding me that I am not.
This is my singing in the shower song.

I have been singing this song in the privacy of my aloneness for 20 years.

It is crazy to watch myself sing it out loud in a room full of people. It is crazy to hear what it sounds like from the outside of myself.

Around and around we go.

Rule your own world.

This passion is energising to me.
One day I'll write about the songs that do this for me.

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