Thursday, 2 April 2009

younger than jesus

The Generational: Younger Than Jesus is a new Triennial at New Museum, New York, USA. It runs from April 8th to June 14th 2009. The exhibition focusses on 50 emerging artists from 25 countries, all of whom are under 33.

Colouring Outside The Lines zine issue 4 has gone on its travels to New York to feature in the 'live archive' resources section of the exhibition space, explained as:
The New Museum’s fifth-floor Museum as Hub space will serve as the live archive of “The Generational: Younger Than Jesus.” Organized by freelance critic Brian Sholis, the space will serve as a research platform, discussion venue, and repository of international periodicals, films, and music created by or documenting this generation. Materials will be gathered from diverse sources: Sholis’s conversations and interviews with the exhibition’s artists; contemporary publications and zines selected by international correspondents; and texts by philosophers, sociologists, journalists, marketing, and technology experts about this generation.

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