Tuesday, 21 July 2009

nail on head over and over

my new favourite blog in the history of ever http://tiny.abstractdynamics.org

Not to state the obvious, but I think in 5-7 years, when all these pre-teen singing drummers and 15 yr old Pixies-obsessives hit able-to-tour age, and are 20 yr olds who have been playing for half their lives, there will be no doubt that Girls Rock Camps are the greatest thing to happen to rock this side of Zeppelin. There are eight year old girls who are seeking to OWN rock n' roll/punk/the world and what they are going to go on to do will make riot girls seem as duh/quaint as suffragettes. I cannot wait. I really cannot wait til these cool-as-hell 13 yr olds displace the Animal Collectives/etc. of the world with their own high concept epic amazingness.

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