Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Jessica: tiny, lucky genius.

Seriously, '' i.e. tinyluckygenius aka the Unicorn's Tear is my favourite blog right now. I LOVE the way Jessica thinks.

This, from a recent post, rings many bells for me; my life, my purpose, my productions & creativity...

'It's been a long summer of being disconnected from writing. Writing with actual thought about it, writing that isn't about my work, my writing, my book. My life, I know, for a while, maybe an extended while, will be the care and feeding of the thing I made. To wrest away from that feels nessecary and strange. I have barely read, barely taken in, mostly just presented and talked and arranged and hustled. I am home, a little broke, medium tired, missing the entire part of the summer that is the part where you vacate and do nothing. Where you read. Look at stuff and hatch plans that are not terribly ambitious. Like "makin' a pie" or strip mining the massive pile in yr room known as "Clothes Mountain"'.

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