Monday, 26 October 2009

radical arts

The second issue of ArtXX: A Radical Arts Magazine is out now.
This issue is chock full of mind blowing talent, fierce politics, and endless creativity. Featuring interviews with: G.B Jones, Mary Coble, Monica Majoli, Orly Cogan, Mia Nakano and more, more, more... plus stories by: Eileen Myles, Meliza Banales, Rhiannon Argo, Ill Nippashi.
More info, plus info on how to get hold of a copy, or read parts online, see here.

The GB Jones interview is by yours truly, and is a bit of an inspiration fest, as GB blows my mind. Actually, she's just joined Myspace too, if you wanna be her friend...

Everybody involved with Art XX blows my mind, actually. A terrific set of queers who I was real lucky to hang out with this summer. I have so much love for them, and this magazine xox

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Kira Swales said...

you interviewed GB Jones? Thats awesome, looking forward to reading it! :)