Thursday, 1 October 2009

zines online

Red Chidgey has done an amazing job of making all issues of Reassess Your Weapons zine available electronically online. They're now archived as part of Grassroots

You can look inside ten issues of Reassess Your Weapons, here. The only issue that's missing is issue six, as neither of us had a copy of that issue, bizzarrely!

Red has also archived a zine I wrote in 2003/4-ish. The zine adapted my Masters research thesis, entitled '"I'm not waiting'. Doing it yrself, now: Challenging constructions of feminist activism and aesthetics in women's punk music communities" into zine format. (Thesis now held at the Centre for Women's Studies, University of York, England). With the zine, I wished to engage the activist community in which I am part, with the academic community in which my research was part of, and bring the two together in discussion of contemporary feminist activism.
The zine (which you can read here) seems really quite outdated to me, reading it back now. But I guess it's still worthwhile documenting such creativity, female production, independent media, and forms of our research.

Incidently, issue #10 of Reassess Your weapons is still available to buy. See my etsy site, or hit the paypal button on COTL myspace to buy a copy for £2 postage paid in the UK.

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red said...

thanks Melanie and manifesta crew for (a) putting together such an AWESOME publication and (b) letting me scan em in and archive. these zines are really amazing and inspiring ;) You also mention that you find your thesis out of date...would be super interested to know what you would add or do differently if you would write it now...
love from beautiful salzburg! xxxx