Monday, 15 March 2010

collectivity can lift barriers to getting our voices out there

Last month I spoke with Debi Withers for an inteview about self-publishing and empowerment. That interview/conversation has developed into an article that Debi wrote, Adventures In Self-Publishing accessible now on The F Word website.

I'll post links to the actual interview we did when it's uploaded on to a different website (hopefully).

The interview references Debi's workshop, Self-Publishing and Liberation that's going to take place this Saturday at the Women's Library, London.
All the info on this important workshop can be found at

Debi says the following about the plans for Saturday:
"I will be exploring the issue of self-publishing, the histories of feminist publishing and collective working practices in an upcoming workshop at the Women’s Library on Saturday, 20 March, called Self-Publishing and Liberation. The workshop is going to consist of a mixture of practical information, creative exercises and historical testimony focusing on the subject of self-publishing. The workshop has three aims: firstly, to arm people with the knowledge they need to self-publish in various forms. Second, to create space for exploring ideas about what kind of publications attendees would like to read, write and publish. Thirdly, to include historical testimony about the topic of women’s publishing networks in the WLM, highlighting the importance of collective working. This is to create an opportunity to connect with an important legacy of culture making from the movement, and be inspired by the actions and working practices of previous generations of feminists. The workshop aims to shake things up a bit and get people dreaming, acting and researching the diverse histories of feminist publishing."

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