Wednesday, 3 March 2010

self-publishing and empowerment

Debi Withers just shared a link with me to a pdf copy of her newly published booklet: Self-Publishing and Empowerment: A Resource for Community Groups.

You can download the pdf of the booklet here: or visit her website to request a hard-copy of the booklet.

The booklet covers the main forms of self-publishing that are currently available at a low-budget cost: zines, blogs and Print-on-Demand publishing.
The booklet is a mixture of practical information, inspiring profiles of individuals, groups and projects, workshop guides and resources. It contains contributions from Melanie Maddison, Red Chidgey, Melissa Steiner, April L. Hamilton, Deseronto Archives and the Remebering Oilve Collective.

Seriously, reading this booklet today has filled me with an immense amount of energy, inspiration and excitement. I think it's a really useful and important activist resource that holds so much potential for empowering more people with the skills of self-publishing within community settings.
Thank you Debi for making this resource available.


April L. Hamilton said...

Melanie -
Thanks so much for spreading the word about Debi's booklet. I am both pleased and honored to be among the contributors to what I hope will be a useful resource for both community groups and individual self-publishers.

Colouring Outside The Lines said...

I agree - it's such a great resource x