Wednesday, 6 October 2010

don't let the monster stay under the bed

It's all over the net at the moment, so it's hard not to think about the It gets Better project.

I just now saw the Sia video for the project, and its really rad that people are talking about this stuff. And it's not just people making those videos, there's currently so much conversation going on. Like Dave End writing on his facebook: 'Hang in there little ones! pick up an instrument, go out and make some weird friends, Be proud of being you, and remember that nothing lasts forever!!!! It gets SO much better I promise! believe me, I know! You're not gonna want to miss your future! its wonderful!'

(Incidently, and not 100% on topic, but this has also totally reminded me to go back and watch all of Queen Juliana's 'People Are A Trip' videos; y'know, people telling their truths and helping others out in the process.)

It makes me think, this stuff has been said for decades... people have been trying to have this conversation for so long. I was writing my article for Charlotte's zine project documenting relationships to female musicians/bands/performers; I wrote about Jody Bleyle of Team Dresch.

After I submitted the article last night, we were talking about the band, and I got to thinking about TD songs like Musical Fanzine, Remember Who You Are, Don't Try Suicide, and My Dirty Hands Are Mined. Hell, this stuff [and, for that matter, any queercore stuff, past, or present] pre-dates 'It Gets Better' by a good 15 years. Talking about how to overcome judgement calls about who we are, and crucially how say and hear what we need to hear to aid the ability to overcome (and stay alive). I hope the conversation continues, both in the mainstream, and underground between allies.

Musical Fanzine:
Don't let the monster stay under the bed , don't' let the monster stay under the bed Hey you, say what she needs to hear
What's he's looking for, he won't find in school He stays up late, flipping through
tapes Listening to songs he's heard a hundred times, but nothing's there Hey you,
say what he needs to hear: Queer sex is great, it's fun as shit don't worry Jesus
is dead and God don't exist and swearing is fun, it's funner than piss, that's it's
stupid is a cruel and classist myth. Don't kill yourself cause people can't deal with your brilliance Sometimes I can't remember why i want to live Then i think of all the freaks and i don't want to miss this.

Remember Who You Are: Takes notes from a movie box Make a list of what I need Remember who you are, Remember who you are But then, I can't feel good about anything And just when i Get something started I read or hear something, that makes me forget My Confidence or honesty What are my motives are they selfless enough, Are they Righteous, righteous enough? Then before I get started, I get all fucked up Can't Get sick of thinking about meaning or language or anything that gets me hot Make Up who you are, it makes up who you are.
Then I found myself dancing alone in my room I was writing in my journal, playing records When i felt my shoulders slide from side to side I found the bass in my hips Being alone brings courage and strength of mind.
Remember who you are, and make up who you are
But then I just want a public place Where girls can meet each others stare Sometimes that;s what it takes just to know you're alive To feel yourself burning just from some girl's stare.
Put up signs to make up who you are Send out signals telling who you are Transmit messages about who you are No matter who you are.

My Dirty Hands Are Mined:
She said my greatest strength, is my greatest weakness. Some things are probably better kept to myself. But some scared part of me tells everything as if that could help. There is not quiet, no quiet is rewarded, inertia keeps youmoving or standing still. Stay alive carpenter, you can laugh if you fail. Don't get behind the gun, just to hope you get killed.

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Colouring Outside The Lines said...

Oh, and if 'Could One Letter Save Your Life?' by Your Heart Breaks is perhaps the finest of all examples.