Tuesday, 16 November 2010

footprint zine fayre 13th november 2010

It was the Footprint Zine Fayre in Leeds on Sunday, held to celebrate 10 years of Leeds-based Footprint Workers Co-Op - A Printing Cooperative.

The event was held to try and bring together zine makers and self-publishers who have used Footprint over the years, along with other cooperators and campaigners, and radical & activist projects affiliated with Footprint so that people could sell their work, meet each other, and forge community.

I was asked by the quite wonderful Cath from Footprint to take on the fantastic task of rummaging through Footprint's storage boxes to come up with samples of the ten years worth of zines that Footprint have printed, to show/exhibit them on the day.

The boxes of zines that they had at Footprint HQ were like a treasure trove - so many great examples of past zine work and exciting self-publishing. It was a treat too to be able to see samples of friends' work in those boxes, and even a copy of the first zine I ever had printed at Footprint, back in 2004!! It was even nicer to be able to liberate the zines from their storage boxes for a day and put them on display at the event on Sunday for people to stop by, have a read of, be inspired by, and see just what great work Footprint have been facilitating over the past 10 years.

My initital idea was to make zine bunting, criss-crossing the room to fill the whole space with Footprints' past work. On the day though, there was very little on the walls to attach string and bunting to, so I had to make do with concentrating the bunting in one corner of the room. This worked out well anyway, as that was the same area where the zine reading area was going to be set up, and the space where people were reading from their zines and holding discussion groups, so in the end it acted as a nice communal space for the zines.

Here's some (of my dodgy) photographs of the zine display:

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