Tuesday, 23 November 2010

i assumed it was totally acceptable for me to be doing whatever bizarre thing i wanted to do on stage

Oh, and while I'm re-posting rad things from the Internet: oh hello rad interview with Khaela Maricih!

I remember seeing The Blow live a few years ago, and Khaela blowing my mind so much that I embarrassingly gushed as much to her after the show and blushed more than a little at the realisation of my ability to gush so wildly!
I was so ill at that point that hadn't left my bed for a couple of weeks before the show, yet I'm so thankful that somebody put me on a train so that I *had* to go to the show, making sure I *didn't* miss it. And I'm so bloody glad that happened. I can remember some of the things Khaela said in-between the songs almost word-perfectly, so attuned she was to some of the insides of my head.
Brilliant woman!

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