Thursday, 11 August 2011

caroline paquita interview on pikaland

My interview with Caroline Paquita hit the Pikaland website today, which I'm thrilled about, as out of the hundreds of artist interviews I've done, this one is one of my favourites.

I had the pleasure of meeting Caroline in the process of working on this interview, & I had already known that her art was inspiring, but getting to talk to her about stuff kinda blew my mind. She's really special; in the interview she mentions her notion of 'artists as teachers', and already Caroline has taught me a lot.

In the interview I love all the things she has to say about community; creating her own destiny; dialoguing and learning; keeping the 'magic' circulating; being tired of negativity and hopelessness; being empowered by real objects; involvement with every part of the artistic creation; straight up DIY and retaining the spirit of creativity; sharing; pushing boundaries and trying new things; - Oh hell, there's SO MUCH I love in this interview, and so much I love Caroline for.

I'm in a bit of a slump myself personally at the moment, I've given up on a lot of stuff, lost my way a little, forgotten what drives me, and my mind keeps going to dark places; but it's stuff like this that gives me hope and kinda helps to refocus my attention a little. Thank you Caroline xox

If you get the chance, check out Caroline's current fundraiser for Pegacorn Press.

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