Sunday, 24 June 2012

all together now kickstarter

A Kickstarter campaign for All Together Now, a book of photographs and first person narratives/interviews with a diverse range of notable women making music today. It’s a bit of a hybrid - equal parts pop cultural anthropology document and fine art book.

For the last two years, photographer Audra Marie Dewitt traveled to select cities across America, photographing and talking to women in music, some of whom are pretty well known (Corin Tucker, Exene Cervenka, Amanda Palmer, Peaches, Miho Hatori) and some of whom are simply unsung heroes of their genres (Toody Cole, Jean Knight, Pamela Z). What emerged from these photographs and conversations was truly remarkable and many musicians opened up in ways that were poignant, surprising, and enlightening. The result is a collection of photos and text that is inspiring, and deeply infused with a certain ‘can-do’ spirit of perseverance and practicality.

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