Thursday, 7 June 2012

fattylympics 2012

Behold! It's the Fattylympics 2012!

The Fattylympics is a non-commercial community event satirising the You Know Whats in East London, 2012.

It takes place on Saturday 7 July 2012, at Grassroots, Memorial Park, West Ham. It is free to attend and children are welcome.

The Fattylympics is organised by two fat activists living in East London, it has been paid for by a series of community fundraising events, and is supported by a handful of volunteers.

Charlotte Cooper, one of the organisers says: "We will be publishing the programme closer to the day but for now we can say that the Fattylympics will be an afternoon larking around in the park. We will have Opening and Closing Ceremonies, a Fattylympics torch and specially-written anthem. There will be four participatory events, plus performances and stalls. Egg'n'Spoon are the official Fattylympics mascots, and they will be making an appearance too. The Fattylympics is non-competitive and everyone will get a medal. We are hoping for an afternoon that is silly, relaxed and low-key."

Charlotte, on her blog ( also notes the important political backdrop, and protest element, to her organising: "I've been co-organising an event called the Fattylympics. This is a non-commercial, community-based afternoon of messing around in the park. It's fat activism and, because I'm always interested in mixing it up, it's about other stuff too, namely the 2012 Olympics, which is happening in, and destroying significant chunks of, my neighbourhood in East London."

More information is available at:

Saturday 7 July 2012


Grassroots Resource Centre
Memorial Park
Memorial Avenue
West Ham
E15 3DB

Nearest tube: West Ham.

They have stalls available. Want one or know anyone else who does?

Also, they are looking for volunteers:

Do help spread the word about this event by word of mouth, through networks of bloggers, Facebook friends, Twitter followers and the like.

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