Thursday, 8 November 2012

remembering who we are zine seeking submissions

Lindsay Starbuck and I are working on a new zine, 'Remembering Who We Are'.

Below are images of the flier with all the information about the project; we'd love for as many people as possible, from all over the world to contribute. If this is something you'd like to be part of, we'd love for you to submit something.

The zine has links to the memory and history work that Shape & Situate zine has been doing, as well as the art work that Lindsay has been part of with 'Caged Bird Club', and beyond. This time, however, we want to look at our own individual, personal histories to see how we come to be the people that we are, with the politics that we have.

We want participants to share a unique story of a formative event or influential person in their life. We want to hear, see and share examples of moments that have shaped or are shaping people's political values and have made them into who they are today.
We’re looking for examples of social and political history on a personal level; things that you have experienced in your lifetime that have influenced and activated you, or formative events that have made you think about the world in a different way.
This may be as simple as a conversation that you had with someone that made you think critically about things. Or, it may be an example of actions/activisms that have buoyed your own interest in, and your knowledge/awareness of, politics and political action, and/or led you to engage in your own everyday activism, action or activity.

Please see the flier for more information, as we'd love to collect as many contributions as possible, to show how much of a broad church 'activism' is.

Please feel free to share this with friends who may also be interested.

Submissions or questions should be sent to:

You can also read about the zine project on Lindsay's blog:
(For some reason that I can't fathom, Lindsay's blog can make the images larger than mine can - to save yourself squinting, see the larger ones at her link!)


lindsaydraws said...

If you click on the images, they are definitely big enough to read.

lindsaydraws said...

If you click on the images, they are definitely big enough to read.