Thursday, 8 November 2012

S&S at SS65 - press release

All 97 posters (A3 size) that have been made for the zine, 'Shape & Situate: Posters Of Inspirational European Women' are to be part of an exhibition to be held in London at Space Station Sixty Five gallery.

The exhibition opens as part of Queer Zine Fest London which runs for a day on December 8th 2012, and the exhibition then continues through to January 13th 2013, and then with further reduced opening times until January 26th 2013.

Space Station Sixty Five's mailing list has all the information, and a link to the Press Release:

There is a high possibility that myself and my friend Lindsay Starbuck will be hosting a closing event at Space Station Sixty Five gallery on Satrurday January 26th 2013, presenting and discussing further artistic and creative sociopolitical history and memory work, with a big show-and-tell archive of People's History projects, (including zines, art, publications, and posters), and with contributions and live-discussion from the artists that make them. More news to come on the progress and plans of this

I'll be down at the gallery myself on 8th December, and hopefully too on the 26th January, so come and say hi if you're planning on being there as well!

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