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anthology of real-life accounts by women campaigners

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Fwd: Calling women campaigners (or friends of!)

contact: helena AT warmlight DOT co DOT uk

Dear friend,
I have been commissioned, along with Angharad Penrhyn Jones, to produce an anthology of real-life accounts by women campaigners.

These are stories and experiences that need recording and preserving. They will be compiled in an anthology, edited by Angharad Penrhyn Jones and Helena Earnshaw, and published
by Honno, Welsh Women's Press, in 2014. We are trying to locate a variety of real life experiences by women from across the UK who have been involved in an inspirational campaign or action.

I hope that you might be either interested in sharing your experience, or passing this message on to others you know.

Love and thanks,

Calling women campaigners
Campaigning Voices
Honno Welsh Women's Press are looking for real-life accounts from women across the UK who have taken part in an inspirational action or campaign – local, national or international. These stories will be compiled in an anthology and published in 2014 by Honno Press.

Whether you occupied a tree at Newbury, walked to Greenham, stood up against discrimination or helped save a hospital, we would love to hear from you. We would also love to hear your recommendations of other women whose stories you believe should be included.

What inspired you to get involved? What was your experience of the campaign/action? How did it affect you and your family? And how did it change you? Some stories will take the form of personal essays; others will be based on interviews. So if you are not a confident writer, but you have a powerful story to tell, please get in touch.

We need a one-page summary describing the kind of campaign you were involved in, where it took place (and where you are from), the year(s) it took place and your email address. We are happy to preserve your anonymity. Let us know if you would prefer to be interviewed.

Please submit your summary to by 31st March 2013.

Editors: Angharad Penrhyn Jones (campaigner, film-maker and writer) and Helena Earnshaw (former editor at, writer for Big Issue Cymru and involved in McSpotlight and peace campaigns in Wales.)

Honno Welsh Women's Press was founded in 1986 by a group of women who felt that Welsh women needed a voice. The start up money was raised through crowd funding, with contributions from over 400 women across Wales. Honno has published more than a hundred titles, including twenty-eight anthologies of Welsh women's writing.

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