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Remembering Who We Are event, 26/1/13

To celebrate the closing of the Shape & Situate exhibition at Space Station Sixty-Five gallery in London, myself and Lindsay Draws organised an event, gathering together a heap of art depicting and educating on social-and-political history, alongside amazing social justice/creative resistance art projects and film documentation. Some of the work shown is featured in these photos.

All the info about the day's events can be found at:

My photos aren't the best, so keep your eyes on the Space Station Sixty-Five website, and Caged Bird Club blog for further photos and documentation; they're likely to have documented things in a less-rushed manner, and captured some of the atmosphere.

The day featured contributions from: Peter Willis, Edd Baldry, Justseeds, Caged Bird Club (Matthew and Lindsay), Lindsay Starbuck, Melanie Maddison, David Lester, Fly, Chandler O'Leary and Jessica Spring, Favianna Rodriguez, Melanie Cervantes, Jesus Barazza, Margareta Kern, Mary Tremonte, Occuprint, Rhythms of Resistance samba band, and all the contributors to Shape & Situate zine.

p.s. All these photos were taking before the doors opened to the public - a huge amount of people came and shared the day with us, you just can't see them on these shots!! Huge thanks to everybody who attended, it was such a great day; thank you for your questions, participation, attention, and enthusiasm for all the work.

Extra special thanks to Rachael, Jo, Rachel and Joe at SS65.

Photo set can be viewed at:

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