Friday, 7 June 2013

remembering who we are website

Lindsay Starbuck has made us a snazzy website for the Remembering Who We Are project/zine.
With the zine we want to hear, see and share examples of moments that have shaped or are shaping people’s political values and have made them into who they are today.
Check out the 'about' section to read more about where the project's coming from:
At this point, the website is a work in progress and we will be uploading all of the wonderful submissions we have already received in due course. What that also means is that we can accept new submissions forever (deadlines be gone) so that the website can grow and grow. Check out the submissions we've already put up, and the guidance for contributing your own page. We'd love to feature your stories and work.

So if you were hoping to send something but couldn't meet the old deadline, we now place no unnecessary demands on your time. If you were struggling to think of what you could write/draw about, perhaps have a look at the other submissions for inspiration on how to tell your own unique tale.
Thanks to everybody already on board and everybody who joins in from here on! 
Get pen to paper and share your stories with us. Also, please share it widely and encourage other people to get involved.

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