Tuesday, 4 June 2013

you are a disgrace

Oh my!! The below is completely amazing, and totally makes me want to revisit the idea I once had of making a zine of conversations with our Mums.
Elisha's Mum sounds *amazing*!!

Elisha writes (via FB):

'This is how you make artists. With aggressive love.
This is an interview I did with my mum, and it sounds absolutely like her talking voice'

Mum: Do you remember that scathing letter I wrote to your teacher about failing one of your paintings?
Elisha: [laughs] What did it say?
Mum: The teacher had said that it was ugly. I wrote a memo
that said: “My daughter may not be very good in art, but she put her heart and soul into that drawing, and do you have any idea how you have damaged her self-esteem? You are a disgrace.”

Read the full, amazing interview here: http://schoolmagazine.ca/2009/08/elim-interview/

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