Saturday, 15 February 2014

feminist library badge collection

(from my inbox...)

The Feminist Library would love some new designs to add to our badge collection, so we're asking our network to come up with some ideas, as we know we have many creative souls out there!

PLEASE pass this on to everyone you know who may be interested and is sympathetic to our work.

We're looking
for two new designs, but if we get more that we like, then obviously we'll get them printed up. The link for the template is here: - choose the 38mm template and design away!

We have three requirements:
1. Stay well within the circle template on the website, because if not the design will disappear over the edge of the badge and will look rubbish.
2. Please put the web address on your badge design
3. It must be a feminist design (obviously!)

If you're after a starting point, some of our existing badges use the following feminist slogans: Lesbians Ignite, Riots Not Diets, The Personal is Political, Keep Your Rosaries off My Ovaries. You could choose other old favourites, or do new designs to go with our existing ones, so then people could collect the set.

The deadline for the designs is Friday 21st February, please email them to!/events/493978980711471/

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