Saturday, 15 February 2014

paramedics to gaza

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PARAMEDICS TO GAZA: Call out for donations (please share!)

As some of you know, we’re heading to Gaza in a few weeks to work as medical volunteers for six months or so. We both have unpaid leave from work and are self funding all costs, i...ncluding flights and accommodation.

The health situation in Gaza remains at crisis point, with a chronic shortage of vital medication and medical equipment that has only been worsened by recent events in Egypt. While we are unable to transport any drugs we hope to take:

- At least one complete first response medical kit (including as many dressings as we can fit in)
- A number of good quality head torches (Gazan rescue workers have previously searched for injured people by the light of their mobile phones)
- A donation of equipment and money to the amazing Palestinian Trauma Centre, who work with traumatised children and families -

So this is our call out for donations! Any amount would be amazing – all money will go directly to buying medical equipment. All other costs of our trip (including falafel) are paid for ourselves. We will be writing a medical blog from Gaza and afterwards, so you will see where the donations go.

To donate, email for details on how to send money by Paypal, New Zealand Bank Transfer, and UK bank transfer.

Any hookups for donations of kit please email us at

Gilly & Kath

Want to read about the crisis in Gaza?
Slow Death: The collective punishment of Gaza has reached a critical stage (2013)
Health Situation in the Gaza Strip by B’Tselem (Israeli Centre for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories)
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