Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Art XX

Today in the post I recieved a copy of the U.S. Art Magazine, Art XX.

I was lucky enough to contribute to this, the magazine's first issue, with a written piece on the nature of feminist art.

Also featured in the first issue are articles on and artwork by: Nicole J. Georges, Enid Crow, Maya Hayuk, Scream Club, Christa Holka, Femina Potens, Rhiannon Argo, Lex McQuilkin, Paulina McFarland, Invincible, Cristy Road, Samantha Purdy, Gemma Correll, Katherine Montalto, and so much more.

And I sat here this evening having had a crappy day of uncertainty, depression, and contemplation, and read the magazine cover to cover.
I felt an overwhelming sense of feminist and queer community, as communicated and actively demonstrated through our creative pursuits. Creative pursuits carried out by women so inspiring, so focussed, so dedicated to voicing and creating spaces for the voicing of individuals in communities that make my heart burn with desire and pride.
I am so grateful to Paulina, Lex, and Francesca for welcoming me into the Art XX fold and making me feel a part of this community of support, love, and inspiration.

See more about the magazine, and order yourself a copy at:
Art XX Website
Art XX Myspace

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